This article commented by MiniTool Software Ltd mainly helps you fix various Nvidia Control Panel problems like not opening, not finding, not working, not showing, etc. Read the below details for the best solution.

What Is NVIDIA Control Panel?

Nvidia Control Panel is a software developed by NVIDIA designed to manage Nvidia graphics card settings on computers. It is especially useful for gamers or other computer enthusiasts to overclock their GPU for better performance.

However, you may encounter some problems while using Nvidia Control Panel. This article provides some common fixes for some common errors related to Nvidia Control Panel.

Nvidia Control Panel on Windows 11 Shows Windows 10

While running Windows 11 operating system (OS) and updated to the latest version of the Nvidia GeForce driver, some users may find that the system information in NVIDIA Control Panel displays Windows 10.

For this conflict, you do not have to worry. Windows 11 and Windows 10 drivers are included in the same installation package and you don’t install the wrong driver. Microsoft usually makes OS versions tricky to determine in code.

Just check your DirectX Diagnostic Tool or winver details for system information. If they all say your OS is Windows 11, nothing needs to be worried about. Technically, Windows 11 is just a feature update of Windows 10.


NVIDIA Control Panel Not Opening Windows 11

You may also come across a problem that you can’t see the Nvidia control panel when you right-click on your desktop. If so, you can try the following methods.

#1 Restart NVIDIA Display Container LS

To start/restart the Nvidia Display Container LS service, just follow the below steps.

  1. Open Windows 11 Services app.
  2. Scroll down the list to find Nvidia Display Container LS, right-click on it and select Start.
  3. If the Nvidia Display Container service is already started, choose Restart.
  4. Then, right-click on it again and select Properties.
  5. In its Properties window, under the default General tab, set the Startup type to Automatic and click Apply > OK.

NVIDIA Display Container LS

#2 Copy Nvcontainer File to the Startup Folder

If the above method fails to deal with can’t open the Nvidia control panel Windows 11 problem, you can manually move the Nvidia Container file to the system startup folder.

  1. Navigate to C:\Program Files(x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\Display.NvContainer. If you can’t find the NVIDIA folder in the Program Files (x86) folder, just switch to the Program Files folder to look for it.
  2. Copy Container file.
  3. Open Windows 11 Startup folder. Usually, its location in Windows 11 is C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup.
  4. Paste Container file into the Startup folder.
  5. Right-click on the Container file in the Startup folder and set the file to run as administrator.
  6. Restart your PC.

#3 Dive Deep the Context Menu or Start Menu

The context menu of Windows 11 is a little bit different from that of Windows 10. When you right-click, there are fewer options in the Win11 context menu than that of Win10. To see more complete options in Win 11 context menu, just click Show more options and you will see your graphics card manager panel.

show more options in Windows 11 context menu

If you still can’t find Nvidia Control Panel there, just seek it in Windows 11 Start Menu or search it in Windows Search.

If Nvidia Control Panel does be installed on your computer and you just can’t see it in your context menu, then, you can add it there.

  1. Go to Windows 11 Control Panel to find and open Nvidia Control Panel.
  2. In Nvidia Control Panel, click on the Desktop menu and select Add Desktop Context Menu option.
  3. Close Nvidia Control Panel and restart the machine.

add Nvidia Control Panel to the desktop context menu

Then, you should see the Nvidia Control Panel in your right-click context menu.

#4 Update NVIDIA Graphics Drivers

Nvidia control panel not found Windows 11 problem may be caused by GPU driver issues. Thus, you can try to solve it by updating the graphics card driver. To achieve that, do as below.

  1. Open Windows 11 Device Manager.
  2. Expand the Display adapters section.
  3. Right-click your Nvidia graphics driver and select Update driver.
  4. Then, follow the on-screen instruction to complete the task.

update Windows 11 graphics card driver

You can also receive the possible GPU card driver by directly updating your system.

#5 Reinstall NVIDIA Graphics Drivers

If updating the GPU driver can’t handle your problem or your current driver is the newest. You may try to uninstall the current driver and reinstall it to fix the Nvidia control panel not showing Windows 11 issue. To do that, just choose Uninstall device in the above picture and restart the PC to let Windows automatically reinstall the missing Nvidia control panel driver.

Or, you can directly go to NVIDIA’s official website to manually search and download the Nvidia graphics driver package for Windows 11. Then, extract the downloaded executable file to install the driver.

#6 Remove Certain Files

Some users claimed that removing “nvdrsdb0.bin” and “nvdrsdb1.bin” from the Nvidia folder and restarting the computer fix the issue. Maybe you can have a try.

Nvidia Control Panel Not Working Windows 11

If your problem is Windows 11 Nvidia control panel crashing instead of no Nvidia control panel Windows 11, in addition to most of the above solutions, you can also try these ways.

#1 Update the .NET Framework and VC++ Redistributable

Both the .net framework and Visual C++ play are important to the security of Windows and compatibility for other apps to run. So, it is vital to keep them up-to-date. If you don’t know whether those files on your computer are of the latest version or not, just check for the system update. If there is a new update, just install the Windows update.

#2 Manually Open Nvidia Control Panel

Just go to the installation folder of the Nvidia Control Panel and double-click on its loader .exe file to launch the Nvidia Control Panel.

#3 Reinstall Nvidia Control Panel

If none of the above methods work, your last resort should be reinstalling the Nvidia Control Panel app. Just uninstall the current program. Then, go to Microsoft Store or the NVIDIA official website to download the application and reinstall it on your computer.

Nvidia Control Panel Windows 11 downlaod >>

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