What is OneNote? Don’t want to use the OneNote for Windows 10 desktop app since it lacks some features? OneNote 2016 download and installation are available. Read this post from MiniTool and you can know some information about OneNote and how to download OneNote 2016 & install it on your PC.

About OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is an all-in-one note-taking program that can be used for information gathering and multi-user collaboration. It supports drawings, screen clipping, notes, handwriting, etc. You can share notebooks with colleagues, friends, and family.

On your computer, there are two types of OneNote – OneNote for Windows 10 and OneNote 2016. The former is pre-installed on your Windows 10 PC and it is only available for Windows 10. Currently, the latest version is OneNote for Windows 11.  Alternatively, you can separately download OneNote for Windows 10/11 via Microsoft Store.

OneNote 2016 (the old version called OneNote 2013) is installed via Microsoft Office download and this version can be installed on Windows 10/8/7. This version is similar to other office applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Evernote vs OneNote – Which One Is a Better Note-Taking App?
Evernote vs OneNote – Which One Is a Better Note-Taking App?

You can use Evernote and OneNote to improve your productivity when working and studying. For more details about Evernote vs OneNote, you can see this post.

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OneNote 2016 Download Is Necessary

If you have installed Office 2019 or Office 365, you may notice that OneNote is missing from the list of installed desktop applications. According to Microsoft, OneNote was previously excluded from the installation of Office 2019. But since March 2020, it is once again installed along with the Excel, Word, and PowerPoint desktop apps when installing Microsoft 365 or Office 2019.

OneNote 2016 offers some features that are not supported in OneNote for Windows 10/11, for example, store notebooks on a local hard drive instead of in the cloud, categorize notes with custom tags to find them quickly later on, apply templates to pages to maintain a specific layout or look, etc.

If you want to know the difference between OneNote and OneNote 2016, refer to the help document from Microsoft - What's the difference between the OneNote versions.

So, if you need OneNote 2016, download and install it on your PC. Let’s move to the next part to know some information on OneNote 2016 download.

Guide: OneNote 2016 Download Windows 10/8/7 & Install

It is easy to install OneNote 2016 on your PC and see the simple steps below:

Step 1: Visit the official page of OneNote download.

Step 2: Click the Download button to download OneNote 2016.

OneNote 2016 download

You will get the OfficeSetup file. It is not an Office 365 bundle with OneNote in it although it has the same logo and everything. It is only Microsoft OneNote. Just double-click on this file to start the installation. The installer will automatically detect the version of Office 2019 or Microsoft 365 - 32-bit or 64-bit and install the correct version of OneNote.

Of course, you can get the direct download links for 32-bit or 64-bit system to install:

OneNote 2016 Download 64-Bit

OneNote 2016 Download 32-Bit

install OneNote 2016

After the installation, you can find it appears with the name “Microsoft OneNote – en-us” in the Programs and Features interface of Control Panel. To open it, type OneNote in the search box in Windows 10 and run it. It can be automatically associated with your currently activated Office 2019 or Microsoft 365 license.

In addition, you can download OneNote 2016 and install it via installing the Office 2016 suite. To do this, go to this link from  archive.org and get an ISO file for 32-bit or 64-bit Windows. Then, use the file to start the installation. After that, you can get OneNote 2016, Word 2016, Excel 2016, PowerPoint 2016, etc.

Final Words

After reading this post, you know details about OneNote – OneNote for Windows 10/11 and OneNote 2016 as well as how to download OneNote 2016 and install it on your Windows PC. Take action if you need OneNote 2016.

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