This article summarized by MiniTool Software defines the meaning and function of the Run command. It also teaches you how to open the Run dialog in both Windows 11 and Unix-like OSes. For detailed information, just read the following contents.

What Is Windows 11 Run Command?

The Run command on an operating system (OS) like Microsoft Windows and Unix-like systems is used to directly open applications, documents, or web pages whose path is known and set. It can be regarded as the shortcut entrance of those apps or docs, or the lite version of a command platform such as CMD and PowerShell.  

Windows 11 Run command refers to the Run box in the next generation of Windows 11. This command feature functions more or less like a single-line command-line interface.

Windows 11 Run command

How to Open Windows 11 Run Command?

There are several ways to launch Windows Run Command.

Way 1. Open Windows 11 Run Box with “Windows + R”

In general, you can open Windows 11 Run box by pressing Windows + R hotkey.

Way 2. Open Windows 11 Run Dialog from Start Menu

Windows Run command has been included in Microsoft Windows OS since Windows 95. Before Windows Vista, besides Windows plus R shortcut, you can also open Windows 11 Run dialog from the Windows Start Menu. Now, another way related to Start Menu to open the Run box can be applied to both Windows 10 and the latest Windows 11. Just right-click on the Start Menu icon and select the Run option in the pop-up list.

open Windows 11 Run dialog from Start Menu

Way 3. Launch Windows 11 Run Command by Search

Also, you are able to trigger Windows 11 Run command through the Windows Search utility. Click on the magnifier icon on the taskbar and input “run”. Then, click on the best-matched result or click on the Open option.

launch Windows 11 Run command by Search

It is strongly recommended that you open Windows Run as administrator if you would like to make use of the Run command to open Windows built-in apps or files. To do that, just right-click on the best match and choose Run as administrator or directly click on the Run as administrator option under the tool.

Way 4. Launch Windows 11 Run Box in Windows Tools

Besides, you can open Windows 11 Run from the Windows Tools list. Click on the Start Menu and choose All apps in the popup. Then, scroll down the list to find and open the Windows Tools option. In the Windows Tools window, find and open the Run app.

launch Windows 11 Run box in Windows Tools

Way 5. Open Windows 11 Run Command from CMD/Powershell

In CMD, type explorer.exe Shell:::{2559a1f3-21d7-11d4-bdaf-00c04f60b9f0} and press Enter.

Open Windows 11 Run in CMD

In PowerShell, input (New-Object -ComObject “Shell.Application”).FileRun() and press Enter.

Open Windows 11 Run in PowerShell

How to Open Run Command in Unix OSes?

In the GNOME interface, a UNIX-like derivative, the Run dialog is used to run apps through terminal commands. It can be reached by pressing Alt + F2. KDE, a UNIX-like derivative, has similar functionality named KRunner, which is accessible also via Alt + F2.

The Multics shell contains a run command to run a command in an isolated environment. The DEC TOPS-10 and TOPS-20 Command Processor included a RUN command for running executable programs. In the BASIC programming language, RUN is used to launch execution from direct mode or to start an overlay program from a loader program.

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6 Ways – How to Open Run Command Windows 10
6 Ways – How to Open Run Command Windows 10

The Run Command provides great convenience for you to access some specific programs. This post shows 6 ways to open Run box.

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