This article posted by MiniTool official introduces a fake virus alert “Pornographic Virus Alert from Apple” to you. It is just a scam of malicious people pushing you to call them and requiring money from you. They also gain money through your clicking on the ads they redirect you to. Read the below content for more details.

This computer is BLOCKED
Do not close this window and restart your computer
Your computer’s registration key is Blocked.
Why we blocked your computer?
The mac’s registration key is illegal.
This mac is using
pirated software.
This mac is sending virus over the internet.
This mac is hacked or used from undefined location.
We block this computer for your security.
Contact apple helpline to reactivate your computer.

About Pornographic Virus Alert from Apple

“Pornographic Virus Alert from Apple” is a popup that redirects you to a web page that locks your browser and keeps downloading a file called “This is VIRUS. Your computer is blocked” or something like that.

It claims that your data and computer have been compromised and suggests you call an Apple support number. If you really call the number it suggests, you will probably be asked to pay to fix your Mac by a scammer pretending to be an Apple support.

besides the great amount of money that they require you to pay, the simple call to the scammers will cost you much since those numbers given to you are not toll-free.

Tip: The official Apple Support website is

In fact, this is a scam. Yet, it can invite viruses to your Mac. The alert popup can appear on your browser due to the presence of such on your Mac. Moreover, it can also infect iPhones.

How Did you Get “Pornographic Virus Alert from Apple”?

Why do you get the alert popup? You may get the alert file by web browser hijacker or freeware that is currently installed on your computer. While the hijacker or freeware is installed by yourself thinking that they are legitimate and can help with your browser or other items on your Mac. 

“Pornographic Virus Alert from Apple” Impacts

No matter in which way the alert gets into your Mac computer, it will usually carry out the below actions on your machine:

  • Alter web browser settings.
  • Gain permissions to access every corner of your Mac.
  • Get Mac system info.
  • Drop files.
  • Slow down your computer with numerous ads.

How to Remove “Pornographic Virus Alert from Apple”?

Be careful about the domains that are associated with alert messages that appear in your browser and never call them back. Besides, you can rely on the below ways to try to remove the annoying alert from your Mac!

Before trying the below methods, it is recommended that you create a backup of your important files in case of the worst situation (data loss).

Method 1. Close Down Current Browser

Whichever web browser you are using, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc., once you encounter the Apple pornographic virus alert, just shut it down to stop it from continuously downloading the “This is VIRUS. Your computer is blocked” file. This should remove the alert. If you receive the alert when you reopen the browser, try the next solution.

Tip: If you can’t close the browser in regular ways, you have to force quit the browser app.

Method 2. Restart Browser or Computer

Restart the software or hardware is always a way to fix many kinds of computer problems including the “Virus Alert from Apple”.

Method 3. Turn off Browser Notifications

To prevent the notifications of the browser to pop up is another way to remove the virus alert. If you are using Safari, navigate to Safari > Preferences > Websites > Notifications and deny alerts of suspicious websites.

Method 4. Disable/Remove Suspicious Browser Extensions

The “Pornographic Virus Alert from Apple” may also be brought to your computer by browser extensions. Therefore, disable or remove any suspicious extensions from your browser to see whether you get the alert removed or not.

Method 5. Reset Browser to Default Settings

Also, some viruses change your browser settings including the home page and search engine to keep redirecting you to the same virus alert page. Thus, after disabling the malicious extensions, don’t forget to reset your browser to its original settings!

How to Reset Google Chrome Browser Settings to Default
How to Reset Google Chrome Browser Settings to Default

How to reset Chrome? Restore Google Chrome browser settings to default in 2 steps, from the Advanced section of Chrome Settings page.

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Method 6. Clear Browser Cache

If you can do further operation within the infected browser, try to clear the cache data of it. This way may solve your problem and you won’t see the bothering alert again.

Method 7. Update Your Browser/Other Apps/MacOS

Similarly, if you can still operate the affected web browser, you can try to upgrade it to its newest version and this may get rid of the virus alert issue. If not, try to update all other programs on your machine as well as your operating system.

Method 8. Reinstall the Browser

Another way to wipe the Apple Pornographic Virus Alert from your browser is to uninstall the browser completely with all its saved files and have a fresh installation of its latest version.

Method 9. Uninstall “Pornographic Virus Alert from Apple” Source App

If you know from which application the virus alert file comes from, you can directly delete that program from your Mac machine. After that, you may find you have handed the alert trouble.

Tip: A way to find the source program of the virus alert is to disable suspicious apps from a startup in Activity Monitor. If someday you won’t get the Apple alert after you disabling some software, it is probably the software that brings you the virus alert.

Method 10. Rely on Antivirus Software

If you don’t know which program carries the alert file, you’d better make use of a powerful virus cleaner to detect and remove the Mac pornographic virus alert from your PC.

Method 11. Factory Reset Your Computer

If none of the above methods solve your problem, the last solution you can try is to restore your machine to factory settings. It will wipe all your data and installed programs including the alert malware. Thus, you are recommended to back up crucial files before resetting.

How To Wipe A MacBook & Reset It To Factory Settings
How To Wipe A MacBook & Reset It To Factory Settings

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As for the Pornographic Virus Alert that appeared on your iPhone, some of the above solutions may help. Yet, if you cannot find a solution from above, you need to search online for further help.

If unfortunately, you lost some vital files while removing “Pornographic Virus Alert from Apple”, you can recover them with the help of the professional and powerful MiniTool Data Recovery Software.

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Good luck!

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