There is always a process that is displayed as WindowServer in the Activity Monitor on your Mac. What is WindowServer? Why it takes so much CPU? In this post, MiniTool Solution will show you some information about WindowServer and the solution to WindowServer high CPU.

When you check the Activity Monitor on your Mac, you can discover that there is a process that is called WindowServer and it is always taking a lot of CPU power.

You may ask: what is WindowServer Mac and why it is running on my Mac? Why does it take so much CPU on Mac? Is it a safe process? Is it possible to reduce the CPU usage for WindowServer? In this post, we will show you all the answers you want to know.

What Is WindowServer on Mac? Is It Safe?

WindowServer is a core part on your Mac computer. It plays an important role in the liaison between the applications and the display. To be specific, the things you see on your Mac screen are displayed by this Mac WindowServer process.

No matter which window you open on your Mac, WindowServer will work to display things on it. Apple has introduced it in its official site. But it is difficult to understand all the contents on that page. You just need to know that WindowServer is a necessary part on Mac and every application need it for running normally. This is a safe process. You don’t need to worry about it.

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How to Fix WindowServer High CPU and Memory Usage?

Why WindowServer Takes High CPU Usage?

As mentioned above, when you open a window on your Mac computer, WindowServer will begin to work to display things on your display. The more applications and windows you open, the more CPU will take up to work. It is a normal phenomenon.

Here are things you should know and try when WindowServer takes up a lot of CPU usage:

  1. If WindowServer takes up so much CPU and your Mac runs slow, you can close some unnecessary applications and windows to see whether the usage drops. If you find that the usage drops largely after you close a specific program, you should say that the high CPU usage issue is just caused by this program.
  2. Some programs like games, video editors, and other constantly refreshing applications are continually changing what is displaying on your Mac screen. They will use WindowServer a lot and use up CPU power.
  3. At times, the bug on a program may cause WindowServer high CPU usage. When you suspect that it is abnormal for a program to use so much CPU, you can contact the developer of that program to check whether there is a bug in it.
  4. If your WindowServer is still taking up much CPU and running slow after you close some suspected programs, you can reduce transparency to have a try: you can go to System Preferences > Accessibility > Display to find Reduce transparency and then check it.
  5. You can also close some unnecessary windows on your Mac to reduce the icons on the desktop and decrease the number of desktops you can see in Mission Control.
  6. If the above solutions don’t work for you, you can reset NVRAM or PRAM on your Mac to have a try.
  7. If you are using multiple monitors, you should know that WindowServer needs to use more CPU power so as to draw to multiple displays.

Now, you should know what is process WindowServer Mac. If you find your WindowServer is using too much CPU, you can try the measures mentioned in this post to reduce it.

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