Do you know what is the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter? What should you do if you encounter the issue of “Program Compatibility Troubleshooter not working”? Now read this post from MiniTool to get several useful solutions to this issue.

What Is the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter

Program Compatibility Troubleshooter is a tool used to fix an app that is experiencing compatibility issues. For example, when your Word is not working because of the error message “Word has run into an error”, you can try to run the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter to fix it.

Today we are going to explain what should you do when you cannot use the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter.

How to Fix Program Compatibility Troubleshooter Not Working in Windows 10

Fix 1. Run DISM and SFC Scan

Corrupted system files will prevent the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter from working. So, in this situation, you need to perform a DISM and SFC scan to detect and fix damaged system files. To do that, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1. In the Windows search box, type cmd and then right-click Command Prompt from the best match result to select Run as administrator.

Step 2. In the command line window, type the following command and press Enter.

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

Step 3. Then type sfc /scannow and press Enter.

run SFC

Wait for the repair process to complete and check whether the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter can run as normal.

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Fix 2. Restart the Diagnostic Policy Service

The Diagnostic Policy Service is involved in the operation of Windows Troubleshooter. It is enabled by default, but sometimes it may be turned off due to some reasons. So, when you face the “Program Compatibility Troubleshooter not working” issue, you need to restart the Diagnostic Policy Service.

Step 1. Press Windows + R key combinations to open Run.

Step 2. In the new window, type services.msc and press Enter.

Step 3. Scroll down to select Diagnostic Policy Service, and then click the Restart button in the left panel. Or you can right-click the service to restart it.

restart the Diagnostic Policy Service

Restart your computer to make sure the problem has been fixed.

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Fix 3. Run Program Compatibility Troubleshooter in Safe Mode

Running the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter in safe mode can rule out other program causes. That is because safe mode starts Windows with the most basic components of the system, with no extra programs or drivers.

Step 1. Start your Windows in safe mode.

Step 2. In the safe mode environment, launch the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter and check whether it can run smoothly.

If it works in safe mode, that means there are programs like antiviruses preventing it from working. In this case, you need to uninstall the related programs to make the troubleshooter usable.

Fix 4. Reset Windows

The last way to deal with the “Program Compatibility Troubleshooter not working” matter is to reset your Windows. Doing this will remove most of your apps, including Microsoft Office, third-party anti-virus software, and desktop apps that came pre-installed on your device.

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Wrapping Things Up

This article introduces a couple of ways to help you fix the problem of Program Compatibility Troubleshooter not working in Windows 10.

If you have come across any other feasible solutions to this issue, welcome to share them with us in the comment zone below. Thank you.

Should you have any questions about MiniTool Power Data Recovery, please feel free to contact us via [email protected].

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