This essay published by MiniTool party provides you with nine useful methods to handle all kinds of PlayStation 4 troubleshooting problems. No matter what your error is, just try the following solutions and you will probably get it fixed.

Tip: The solutions in this post also appliable for PS4 Pro, PS5, PS3, PS2, or even PS Vita.

PS4 troubleshooting is to analyze PS4 problems and find solutions to fix them. Then, how to troubleshoot PS4?

Though the problems of PS4 are of various kinds, such as connectivity related, data related, disc-related, license-related, etc., there are several methods that all of you can try to solve your specific issues. They are somehow almighty.

Solution 1. Power Cycle

Power-related solutions are usually workable for electronic products including game devices like PlayStation (console, controller, and headset). Just follow the below steps to do power recycle for Sony PS4.

Step 1. Power off PlayStation 4 completely. Turn off the console, unplug all power cables, remove the hard disk drive, and hold down the power button until you hear two beeps.

Step 2. Wait several minutes.

Step 3. Power on the machine again. Reinsert the hard drive, re-plug the power cords, press down the power switch for seconds, and remove your finger.

Step 4. Try to use the game device. Log into the device system and try to play PS4 games.

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Solution 2. Check Power Cable

Another power-related solution for PS4 troubleshooting is to check the integrity of the AC power cord and AC IN connector, whether they are damaged or not. Also, you should check the surge protector (if you use one), power outlet, as well as the power connection ports on the console.

Solution 3. Update System

Keep your console system up-to-date is also a way to deal with console problems. So, just install the latest system update. To do so, you need to make sure that you are connected to the Internet.

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Solution 4. Switch to Another System

To figure out what hardware causes you problems, the console itself, the power cables, or the game disc, you should do exclusion with the help of another working PS console. In detail, if you can access another PS4 from your friends or some retailer, take your peripherals and try them on the other console. And, try to play peripherals from the other console on your console.

Solution 5. Disconnect from the Internet

Why need to disconnect the Internet for PS4 troubleshooting? Some problems may result by unable to download something or can’t connect to the Internet. Sometimes, disconnecting the console from the Internet will fix the issue.

How to disconnect from the Internet? If you are using the network wirelessly, you should go to the Settings to turn off the Internet connection. In the Settings, select Network and uncheck “Connect to the Internet”. If you are connected with an ethernet cable, just unplug the cable.

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Solution 6. Rebuild Database

Some technical problems may be fixed by rebuilding the database, disk read issue for example. If you are suffering disc read or application errors, with error codes, you are recommended to try database rebuilding.

Step 1. Remove the problematic disc and turn off the console by pressing the power button until you hear two beeps.

Step 2. Hold down the power button again for several seconds to boot your console in safe mode.

Step 3. Connect the PS4 controller with the console via USB and select Rebuild Database option.

Wait the process finishes by itself. The time it takes ranging from several minutes to several hours, it depends.

Solution 7. Restart / Reconnect / Reinstall

Always, when you encounter some problem, you can redo the action for PS4 troubleshooting to try again.

  • Restart: PS4 console, controller, headphone, etc.
  • Reconnect: power cable and network
  • Reinstall: system, game, and so on.
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Solution 8. Rely on PlayStation Troubleshooting Page

There is a troubleshooting webpage on PlayStation’s official website that allows you to troubleshoot your problem step by step. Just follow its guide and try to find the cause and solution for your problem.

Solution 9. Contact PlayStation

If none of the above suggestions can help you solve your problem, you can go to search PlayStation’s error codes to find the solution for your error. Or, maybe you should contact PlayStation for further help. PS4 troubleshooting phone number is 1-800-345-7669, Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 6 PM.

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