This post tells you what is ReviOS 11 and how to download and install the ReviOS 11 ISO file. If you plan to try this system, this post is worth reading. Now, continue to explore the details with MiniTool.

ReviOS 11

The latest version of ReviOS 11 is a suitable replacement for existing Windows on desktop PCs and laptops. It is suitable for gamers, power users, and enthusiasts. It’s also well-suited for low-end systems due to its natural lightness in resources, footprint, and size.

ReviOS 11 attempts to speed up the system by eliminating redundant tasks and services running in the background without sacrificing stability. Even better, frame rate stability has been greatly improved, meaning your FPS is less likely to fluctuate.

It is based on a multi-layered approach that ensures retention and overall stability. It can enhance performance and privacy by removing the bloatware that kills the system and reducing the number of components – thereby reducing the size of the operating system.

New features of ReviOS 11 22H2

  • Updated the Workspace folder with Revision Tool.
  • Enable the File Explorer Tabs feature.
  • Replaced shortcuts with bookmarks.
  • Enabled Full-Screen Optimizations.
  • Disabling FSO is no longer recommended on newer Windows 10 & 11 builds.
  • Disabled transparency affects only low-end systems.
  • Defaulted UAC.
  • Updated desktop & lock screen wallpaper.
  • Credits to vinceliuice.
  • Support for Windows Mixed Reality.
  • A new power plan, Ultra Performance, based on Ultimate Performance to improve system latency.
  • Ultimate Performance is still available.
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How to Download ReviOS Windows 11 ISO

How to get the Windows 11 ReviOS 22H2 download? Before downloading it, you should check if your PC meets the following requirements.

  • Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with two or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor
  • RAM: At least 4 GB
  • Storage: At least 8GB
  • Graphics card: Compatible with DirectX 12 or later, with a WDDM 2.0 driver
  • System firmware: UEFI, Secure Boot capable

Then, let’s see how to download ReviOS Windows 11:

Step 1: Go to the Revision official website. Then, click the ReviOS menu and click the Downloads option.

click Downloads

Step 2: Click the ISO part and navigate to the ReviOS | Windows 11 part. Then, click the Download button.

Windows 11 ReviOS 22H2 download

Step 3: Then, there are 4 download sources for you and you can choose one of them based on your needs.

Step 4: Next, you will be redirected to the download page. Then, you can download ReviOS 11 on this page.

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How to Install ReviOS 11


Tip: This Windows installation process will remove your previous operating system, so you should back up it in advance. At least have a separate partition to hold your data. To back up the operating system, you can try the professional backup assist – MiniTool ShadowMaker. It supports Windows 11/10/8/7.

MiniTool ShadowMaker TrialClick to Download100%Clean & Safe

Installing ReviOS 11 is similar to installing Windows 11. After downloading the ReviOS 11 ISO file, you should burn it to a USB drive using Rufus or other burning software. Then, boot your PC from the USB installation drive and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the ReviOS 11 installation.

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Final Words

What is ReviOS 11? How to free download and install the ReviOS 11  ISO? You can find answers in the above content. Besides, it’s highly recommended to back up the previous system before installing ReviOS 11.

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