This post provided by MiniTool party discusses the default reminding message in the Google search box “Search Google or Type a URL”. You have seen it thousands of times and it is easy to understand. Then, what interesting aspect of it that is discussed here?

In the new tab window, there are Gmail and Images on the upper right and Customize button in the bottom right corner. On special days (festivals, birthdays of celebrities, dates of great events in history, etc.), there is a theme created by the Google team locates above the Omnibox, and click on it will go to the search result of the theme.

“Search Google or Type a URL” in Chrome Canary

“Search Google or type a URL” is also a feature in Chrome’s Canary update. Chrome Canary is a leading-edge version of the chrome browser. Google makes use of it to test out ideas. One idea in the Canary 36 version is to bury the full URL into the top-level domain name. Even for navigating within the site, it only shows the site name.

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Yet, you can still see the full URL by clicking the “origin chip” button, that is, on the domain name itself. The button becomes enabled only by typing chrome://flags/#origin-chip-in-omnibox into the Omnibox. And, clicking on the domain enables you to edit it.

The advantages of the domain-only approach are that, on the one hand, it simplifies the web address; on the other hand, it creates room for a sub-field to the right that offers the option to “Search Google or type a URL”.

Type a URL or Search on Google, Which One to Choose?

Which one should you select, enter an web address, or search on Google? It depends. If you know the exact URL of the target website,, for example, you’d better directly enter the URL into the Omnibox or the address bar on the top and press Enter on the keyboard to directly go to the destination page.

However, if you don’t remember the full URL of the page or you just want to search for something online, you should rely on the search feature of the browser by inputting the keyword (e.g. MiniTool) into the search box and pressing Enter to let Google search into its library and list al the related websites. Then, you can browse the sites and choose some of them to open.

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