Do you want to sell used computer parts for cash rather than let it collect dust? Where to sell computer parts? What should you do before selling them? Now, you can get answers from this post and MiniTool will show you some places, as well as something to notice.

It’s Necessary to Sell PC Parts

If you’ve been a PC enthusiast for years, you may focus on different components and you may have bought a range of parts, including motherboards, graphics cards, CPUs, hard drives, etc. Many used computer parts are put in closets, drawers, storage rooms, etc., looking messy. In this case, you can sell those old computer components.

There is another case. You may have purchased a new computer and the old one is not used but collect dust. One way to deal with an old computer is to sell some used parts.

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Before selling PC parts, pay attention to some things:

  1. Think about what you’re selling and how old it is
  2. Quickly estimate the resale offer
  3. Shop the market (view items that have already sold to know how much your component is going for)
  4. Consider your market (in a big city or not )
  5. Does the value of the device outweigh fees and shipping costs

Then, you may ask: where to sell computer parts? Now get the answer from the following part.

Good Places to Sell Computer Parts

Sell Your Computer Parts Near You

Firstly, you can see if there are some places to sell computer components near you. You can search for “sell computer parts for cash near me” with your position online and find the answer. Sometimes some users may tell you the detailed places.

Additionally, you choose the best places to sell computer parts online. Now, let’s see some websites.

Sell Hardware on eBay, Amazon, Craigslist

If you plan to sell your hardware on self-commerce sites like eBay, Craigslist and Amazon, you should consider some things to compete with sellers, for example, adding key search terms into the listing to let the ad in front of the right persons.

1. Offer useful pictures

Take high-resolution photos of all angles of the part that you need to sell. Pay attention to the little details, like part numbers or serial numbers.

2. Build a Notable Headline

Write down the exact name of the component to get your listing found first in the search. For example, you can use the format – device name + device type + part number + vital compatibility.

3. List Details of the Part You Search for

Go to Google to find the specification and compatibility of your device and include it in the listing. Besides, list the condition of the part itself, whether it is used, non-working or new and why you sell it.

But for eBay and Amazon, you must pay for shipping and pay fees on sales. The cost may be more than the value of the part itself. If you’re selling in bulk, it is worth a try. For Craigslist, there is no fraud protection and only local people can see the sell information, which is not good.

Sell Used Computer Parts on Trade-in Websites

Trade-in websites give a quote for your component and help you to ship it to them. Two good options to sell computer parts for cash are for you: SellGPU and IT Connected.


When visiting the SellGPU website, choose your device from the drop-down menu to get an instant offer. Besides, it gives you a free mailer pack to post all your parts for free, making it easy to organize. If the component passes the tests, it will pay you via check or PayPal.

You can sell many computer parts for cash via SellGPU, include GPU, CPU, SSD, RAM, gaming consoles, and graphics card.

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IT Connected

This company can easily value your old laptop or desktop. You can enter the details or download a program to scan the PC and do the techie work. You can sell hard drives, RAM, motherboards, processors, network adapters, optical drives, raid cards, and video cards.

What to Do Before Selling PC Parts

This is an important point that you should note and here we list some tips:

  1. Back up your important data. The professional backup software – MiniTool ShadowMaker can help you. Just refer to this post – How to Backup Files on Windows 10.
  2. Wipe your data to avoid data leak.
  3. Some other things in this post – Take 6 Preparations to Sell Your Laptop or PC without Worries.

The End

In this post, you know clearly where to sell computer parts and what to do before the sale. Just keep the data security and choose a proper way to sell PC parts.

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