Sony’s next generation PlayStation PS5 is coming on the way. It could be the best PlayStation than ever, and brings users more new and powerful features with unprecedented gaming experience. What do we know about Sony PS5 so far?

There are many rumors online about Sony new upcoming gaming console, PlayStation PS5. What new features will be added into Sony PS5? What’s the release date and price of PS5?

Sony PS5 New Features

VR support:

Sony is the first console manufacturer to support virtual reality thanks to the PlayStation VR. We can expect the PlayStation 5 console to take VR experience to a new level. It have been confirmed that the next generation of Sony PlayStation PS5 will be compatible with current PSVR hardware. It’s also rumored that PS5 will come with a VR-focused chipset to bring users an immersive gaming experience.

Wireless VR Headset:

The new PS5 may also come with a wireless VR headset to optimize virtual reality experience. It’s rumored that the wireless VR headset will cost at $250, support 1440p (2560 x 1440 pixels), 120Hz, provide a 220-degree field of view, eye-tracking, integrated headphones, and have a five-hour battery life.


Based on what we know so far, new PS5 may allow users to play old games dating back to the original PlayStation. And this means users would have a stack of retro games in the discs and bring back the nostalgia.

The PS5 will contain the entire PS4 game library incl. PSVR games. Some new games would be specifically developed for the new PlayStation 5. It has also been confirmed that the PS5 will prioritize AAA games over indie games to better satisfy serious gamers.

It’s said that the new console may totally eliminate the game loading screens.

4K gaming:

As 4K resolution is becoming popular, native 4K support would be a basic requirement of Sony PlayStation 5. Will the new PS5 support 8K? We’ll still wait and see.

Optical discs support:

With the popularity of downloadable games, the physical disc market may be gradually shrinked. But the disc support of PS5 has be confirmed. For PS4 releases, Sony stripped down the 4K Blu-ray drive in PS4 Pro, and this brought much dissatisfaction among users. And it made PS4 a less-attractive purchase than Xbox One X/S.

If Sony still discards the Blu-ray drive in PS5, consumers would expect more storage in PS5. And it’s expected the disc drive would stay in the game console, since it is users’ choice to use which way to buy a game.

Sony PS5 Specs (Estimated)

  • CPU: 8 core/16 threads at 3.2 GHz with a new 7nm Zen2 microarchitecture.
  • GPU: Navi-based with AMD next-gen features at 12.6 to 14.2 teraflops.
  • Capacity: 2TB SSD. PS5 will use SSD which may drastically reduce the game loading time and improve performance in games.
  • RAM: 24 GB GDDR6 RAM + 4GB DDR4 RAM for the operating system.
  • Video resolution: PS5 may be the first console to support up to 8K resolution. (Best Free Movie Maker Software)
  • PS5 may support Ray Tracing (a powerful graphics technique).
  • PS5 will provides 3D audio without any additional hardware.
  • Backwards compatibility with PS4 games and PSVR is confirmed.
  • Support for dual DisplayPorts, HDMI, and a USB-C VirtualLink for VR headsets. This port may also be used for standard USB-C accessories as well.

Sony PS5 Release Date and Price

Some analysts predicts that the Sony PlayStation 5 would not be released before mid-2020. As for the price, PS4 starts at $299.99, and PS5 is expected to cost more.

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