When you use Spotify to play music, you may encounter the Spotify skipping songs issue. If you want to find some solutions to get rid of the issue, then, you come to the right place. Now, you can continue to read this post from MiniTool to get the details.

Spotify is a popular audio streaming and media services provider available on most modern devices, including computers using Windows/macOS/Linux and IOS/Android smartphones. However, many people report that they encounter some issues such as Spotify keeps pausing, Spotify can’t play the current song, Spotify application is not responding, etc.

Today, we are talking about the other issue – Spotify skipping. Let’s see the case that users encounter.

Why does Spotify keep skipping songs, no possibility to listen to music! When I click play on a Title, it just skips through all the songs after 0:01 seconds in the song, making it not possible to hear any song. It just rushes through all my music and I don’t know why. I even installed the newer version and the problem persists.-from Reddit

Now, let’s see how to fix the Spotify keeps skipping issue.

How to Fix the Spotify Skipping Issue

Fix 1: Check Network and Restart Your Router

As the “Spotify skipping” error is related to your network, you should check the network cables and routers at first. You need to make sure that the cables are in the right place. If you are using Wi-Fi, you can restart your router. If this doesn’t work, move to the next solutions.

Fix 2: Log Out and Log in Again

When your Spotify Premium subscription has just expired, you might encounter the “Spotify skipping” error because the application will require a refresh to migrate your subscription back to Standard. In this case, you just need to log out and then log in to the program again.

If the “Spotify skipping” issue still exists, please move on to the next solution.

Fix 3: Reinstall Spotify

Then, you can try to reinstall Spotify. After reinstalling the program, the “Spotify skipping” issue should get fixed. To clean reinstall Spotify, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1. Type control in the search box and click the best match Control Panel to open it.

Step 2. In the Control Panel window, select View by Category on the upper right corner and then click Uninstall a Program under the Programs section.

click Uninstall a program

Step 3. Locate the Spotify entry on the programs list. Right-click the game and select Uninstall. Then confirm any dialog boxes which may appear.

Step 4. Follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall Spotify from your PC.

Step 5. Open File Explorer, navigate to the following path, and then delete the Spotify folder in the Roaming folder.


Step 6. Download Spotify again from their official website and follow the instructions to install it on your PC.

After reinstalling the game, check if that “Spotify skipping” gets resolved. If not, try the next solution.

Fix 4: Lower the Streaming Quality

If you are streaming Spotify songs with high quality, the songs may pause or skip when the Internet environment is not good enough. Therefore, the problem can be easily solved by reducing the streaming quality.

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Final Words

To sum up, this post has shown 4 ways to fix Spotify skipping songs. If you come across the same error, try these solutions. If you have any better ideas to fix it, you can share them in the comment zone.

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