Compared with the traditional hard drive, SSD wins by its excellent performance. With the decreased price of SSD, more and more users choose to use it on the computer. A predication from Western Digital shows that 90% of PC will use SSDs with an average capacity of 700Gb about four years later.

SSD Market Share Trend

Now, when buying a new computer or installing the device yourself, who else don’t want to use a solid-state drive (SSD)?

On the surface, the SSD can offer you the perfect performance and it is a must when installing your computer. In fact, the current SSD adaptation rate is not as high as expected. As for the SSD market share, over half of the desktop computers and laptops are using SSDs currently. Only 4 years later, the popularity of SSD on the PCs will exceed 90%, and the average capacity of each PC will be increased to 700GB.

Some Predictions about SSD Market Share

In the latest investor report, Western Digital announced some data range from FY 2018 to FY 2023. The market value of the client SSD market is expected to increase from $12.3 billion to $16.8 billion, but the total shipment capacity will be increased significantly from 42EB to 222 EB, and its value has only increased by 33% while the capacity has increased by 4 times. It can be seen that the price of NAND flash memory will continue to decline in the next few years, and the capacity growth rate is much higher than the price growth rate.

SSD Prices Continue to Fall, Now Upgrade Your Hard Drive!
SSD Prices Continue to Fall, Now Upgrade Your Hard Drive!

SSD prices continue to fall, and now it is your chance to upgrade your hard drive to SSD for good performance.

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The adaptation rate of SSD hard drives will also increase from 53% in FY 2018 to 90% in FY 2023. At that time, it can be said that most computers will use SSDs. In addition, the average capacity of SSD drives for desktops and laptops will increase to 700GB or so.

Does this prediction sound conservative? Does it still use 4 years to increase the SSD average capacity to 700GB?

As a matter of fact, the fiscal year of Western Digital began at the end of June each year, thus, the fiscal year 2023 began in mid 2022 which is about three to four years from this year.

Speaking of the capacity of SSD hard disk, many people bought 240/256GB SSDs in 2018, but the main force of market shipment is still 120/128GB capacity. This year, due to the price reduction of NAND flash memory trend, 500/512GB SSD may be popularized at the end of the year.

But considering the SSD stock of low-end in the market, the average capacity is still not high. So Western Digital predicts that the average SSD capacity of 700GB from 2022 to 2023 is not low. After all, many low-end markets are not felt by most people

The increased capacity of SSD is influenced by many aspects, including the price and improvement of technology which is a crucial element.

The Future of SSD Market Share

From this year on, the 96-layer QLC flash memory will become the main force of large-capacity SSD. Three to four years later, when you purchase a new computer, the SSD new products capacity will exceed 1TB, and 2TB will not be a difficult. However, 4TB may be still a little difficult.

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