The security researchers over at German institute AV-TEST have conducted a research that Windows Defender is one of the best antivirus software 2019 all over the world. If you want to learn more about this software, please keep on your reading.

Windows Defender Is One of the Best Antivirus Software 2019

In your daily life, you may do the following things to protect your privacy and keep your Windows secure:

  • use secure passwords
  • keep your Windows software up to date
  • don’t open accidental emails and messages
  • don’t click suspicious links or download apps from shady websites
  • don’t provide personal information

According to the research, Microsoft’s Windows Defender is one of the best antivirus software 2019, which provides a powerful set of security features to ensure you stay safe in the supported lifetime of Windows 10 devices. It is worth mentioning that Windows Defender Gets a New Name: Microsoft Defender Recently.

Windows Defender

When your computer is protected by Windows Defender, you can get full protection for files, systems and online activities from malware, spyware, viruses and other threats.

Microsoft is not a security vendor and its main goal is to stop cyberattacks and malware by providing advanced software solutions. The built-in Windows 10 antivirus software is taking an important step to become such a product thanks to the efforts of the company in Windows Defender.

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How to Fix Windows Defender Error Code 0x8050800c on Windows 10

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Four Antivirus Software Getting the Maximum Score

According to the latest antivirus test for the Windows 10 platform implemented by the German authority AV-TEST in June 2019, the performance of Windows Defender is similar to that of leading security vendors such as Kaspersky and Symantec.

Specifically, after getting the maximum of 6 points in individual tests that evaluate the performance, usability and protection of the product, Windows Defender scored 18 points in the antivirus test, even surpassing Avast, AVG, Bitdefender, etc.

In addition, there are only three other security solutions reached the top score – Symantec Norton Security, F-Secure SAFE and Kaspersky Internet Security.

In the test, the Webroot got the worst overall score that was 11.5 points – 4 points for usability, 2 points for protection and 5.5 points for performance. The second last is Malwarebytes.

In one of the three tests mentioned above, the products scored 17.5 points after losing 0.5 points, which was developed by other leading security vendors. They are Avast Free Antivirus, Trend Micro Internet Security, Bitdefender Internet Security, AVG Internet Security, and VIPRE Security Advanced Security respectively.

Here is a chart about the specific test scores of the antivirus software for Windows 10, and you can find that Windows Defender is the best antivirus for laptop.

the specific test scores of the antivirus software

Tip: Windows Defender may delete some files without your permission, there are some solutions, you can read this post- Windows Defender Deleted My Files, How To Get Back Easily.

Final Words

As the native antivirus, Windows Defender is a more advanced security hub that is integrated into the operating system.

By default, the latest version of Windows 10 has a new feature – Windows Security. The official name of it is May 2019 Update, version 1903. It groups a rich security arsenal, such as account protection, firewall, parental controls, virus & threat protection, performance & health, and device security.

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