How to choose the right computer for your needs? What questions to ask when buying a computer? What factors to consider when purchasing a computer? This post shows 9 necessary things to consider when buying a computer. After buying the computer, you can also use MiniTool software to manage your computer.

Nowadays, computer has become necessary for everyone. For example, people can use to do some jobs, shop, surf the Internet, write essay, and search information, etc. Almost everyone has a computer. Those who don’t own now also will possess in later.

But some people ask what they should consider when buying a computer or what questions to ask when buying a computer.

Thus, this post will list 10 necessary things to consider when buying a computer. When you want to buy a computer, you can take them as a reference.

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First of all, you should consider the brand of the computer. For most people, the brand is an important factor. They are also a lot of different brands on the market. In general, the famous brands around the world are the straightaway winner on the market. So, when choosing a computer, you can take the brand into consideration.

Bulkiness and Weight

The second factor to consider when buying a computer is the bulkiness and weight. Some people may like a large monitor so as to enjoy better view experience while some people may like a small and light monitor for good portability.

The Desktop users may choose to the bulkier casing to allow better ventilation. While if you want to move it anywhere or anytime, a small and light one may be a good choice.

Hard Drive Capacity and Speed

In general, the hard drive capacity and speed for most users are the most important things. If you have a lot of files to save, you should choose a larger computer. And for the speed, if you have enough budget, you can choose a computer which is built-in SSD. In this way, you can enjoy better read and write performance and speed. Of course, if your computer is an HDD, you can also add an SSD to your computer and choose to clone the OS from HDD to SSD.


The Processor is an essential part of a computer since it can affect the performance of your computer. Usually, a good Processor can bring good read and write performance. For some cheaper computers adopting the low-end processor, do some light task such as internet browsing may be okay. But if users load several applications at the same time, the performance will be affected and your computer may be stuck in.

Of course, a good process can bring an extraordinary experience, but it also costs high.



RAM, whose full name is Random Access Memory, is also an important component of the computer. RAM is like the temporary scratchpad or canvas where a PC performs its real-time operations and calculations. The more the RAM in a computer is, the better performance the computer enjoys. So, if you can afford it, the more RAM you can get.


The next laptop buying guide is peripherals. If you want to connect to watching DVDs on your laptop, the built-in DVD is required. So, you may choose a computer which has this peripheral. But you need to know that the more peripheral a computer can handle, the bulkier and more expensive it may get. If you don’t need these, you can choose a thinner and cheaper computer.

Operating System

The next thing to consider when buying a computer is the operating system. The Windows operating system always is sold in different types. The more advanced and expensive operating system enjoys more features. The Windows 10 operating system includes the Home, Pro, Enterprise and Education. Each of them has different features so make sure do some researches before purchasing.

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Another factor to consider when purchasing a computer is the price. If you don’t have enough budget to buy an expensive one, you should take the price into consideration and choose the affordable one.


As usual, almost all brand computers are provided a warranty and some brands may offer longer warranty time than their rivals. In general, the warranty is one year from the date of purchase and some stores can usually extend the standard manufacturer warranty up to several years as long as you are willing to pay for it. Some warranty terms can be worded in vague manner so make sure to understand them before purchasing.

Final Words

This post has demonstrated 9 necessary things to consider when buying a computer. After reading this post, you will know how to choose the right computer for your needs and know what to consider when buying a computer. Hope this post can help you to choose the right computer.

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