A new Windows 11 mod, Tiny11 Core, brings everything you like about Windows in a much smaller package so that you can run Windows on a virtual machine for testing purposes. To know details on this super lite version, continue reading this guide from MiniTool.

Although Microsoft has greatly improved the Windows 11 operating system over time, it is still heavy in terms of overall installation. But this doesn’t stop fanatical Windows enthusiasts from trying to cut down its size. And you may hear of famous Windows 11 lite versions like Tiny11, Windows 11 X-Lite, Windows 11 Xtreme LiteOS, Ghost Spectre Windows 11 Superlite, Phoenix Lite OS 11, and more.

Before installing one of these Windows 11 versions, you had better create a backup for your important files since the installation will erase data 100%. To backup files, run MiniTool ShadowMaker – free backup software.

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Recently, a new mod has cut Windows 11 down to mere GBs and it is Tiny11 Core that offers everything you love about Windows 11 in an incredibly small installation size. Next, let’s talk about some details.

Tiny11 2311 Based on Windows 11 23H2 Brings New Features
Tiny11 2311 Based on Windows 11 23H2 Brings New Features

Tiny11 2311, a new version, ships with Windows 11 2023 Update (23H2) features, and let’s see how to download ISO and install the smaller OS.

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Tiny11 Core – 2GB ISO & 3GB Installation

NTDEV, an excellent creator of modified and stripped-off Windows images, ever released the reputable Tiny10, Tiny10 23H2, Tiny11, and Tiny11 23H2. Recently, it offered Tiny11 Core.

This creator made full use of LZX disk (de)compression to minimize its storage footprint and Tiny11 Core ISO is only 2GB, taking up just about 3GB of disk space. Compared to the official 64-GB disk storage requirement for Windows 11, this is minuscule.

Of course, to reduce the OS disk footprint, NTDEV made many changes to this core version, including (but not limited to): Microsoft Edge, Windows Update, Windows Defender, Windows Component Store (WinSxS), and Recovery Agent.

This means this version doesn’t have inbuilt antivirus software & web browser and cannot install Windows updates, bringing limited security and NO serviceability. Also, network drivers are not offered but you can prepare one in advance during the OOBE (first supported in Windows 11 Build 25977).

Besides, .NET 3.5 and Internet Explorer core are enabled in Tiny11 Core, so it doesn’t need any other components to run most of the Windows applications. And you can download & install applications from the Microsoft Store despite its slim size.

According to NTDEV, Tiny11 Core comes to satisfy the testing/developing purposes and it can run a virtual machine.

Tiny11 Core Download ISO & Install

The current version – Tiny11 Core Beta 1 ISO based on Windows 11 Pro 23H2 build 22631.2361 is available online. Then, you may ask: should you install Tiny11 Core? The developer says this Windows 11 mod cannot replace Tiny11. For most users, the core version is too stripped-down and it cannot ensure PC safe. So, we don’t recommend installing it on a mission-critical computer.

But you can download Tiny11 Core and install it on a virtual machine for testing purposes (drivers and applications). To do this thing, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Visit the page in a web browser – https://archive.org/details/tiny-11-core-x-64-beta-1.

Step 2: Go to DOWNLOAD OPTIONS in the right pane and click ISO IMAGE to get the 2GB ISO file.

Tiny11 Core download

Step 3: After downloading Tiny11 Core ISO, you can use this ISO image to install the version on your VMware Workstation or VirtualBox. Don’t know how to install a system on a VM? You can refer to our previous posts to find some related information:

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