As data continues to grow, in order to meet the storage requirements, Western Digital has unveiled the Ultrastar DC HC330 10 TB hard drive with the addition of the Media Cache Plus feature. This article will give you a rough introduction to the Western Digital Ultrastar DC HC330.

As storage devices become more widely used, people are increasingly demanding storage space. Western Digital has just released a new Ultrastar DC HC330 series of high-end enterprise-grade inflatable mechanical hard drives for storage servers, RAID arrays, and distributed storage with a maximum capacity of 10 TB per disk.

Prior to the release of the Ultrastar DC HC330, the Ultrastar DC HC300 series included 4, 6, 8 TB hard drives, and now the Ultrastar DC HC330 is the best HDD among the Ultrastar DC HC300 series, offering the same capacity as the previous 10 TB nitrogen version. And Ultrastar DC HC330 HDD provides higher value with fewer disks and heads.

Features of Ultrastar DC HC330

What are the specific features of the Ultrastar DC HC330? Here are some of the advantages of the Ultrastar DC HC330.


The Ultrastar DC HC330 is available in both SATA 6Gbps and SAS 12Gbps interfaces. To help protect data from unauthorized use, the Ultrastar DC HC330’s SAS and SATA models offer hardware-based encryption options. In addition, the Ultrastar DC HC330 is configured with dual secure RSA signature firmware that allows the hard drive to retain a backup copy of the firmware, avoiding accidental data loss during firmware updates.


There are six 1.66TB discs inside, which is the industry’s highest capacity commercial disc, while the xenon-filled Ultrastar He10 is seven 1.42 TB PMR discs. The addition of high-capacity platters enabled the Ultrastar DC HC330 10 TB version to increase the sustained transfer rate to 273 MB/s, which is no worse than some inexpensive solid-state drives (SSDs).

Magnetic Recording Technology

The Ultrastar DC HC330 uses a rugged, reliable CMR traditional magnetic recording technology that delivers better performance and reliability than SMR stacked magnetic recording hard drives. The spindle has a spindle speed of 7200RPM and is equipped with a 256MB cache. It has 4KB sectors and 512E sectors.

Media Cache Plus

In addition, the new hard drive introduces Media Cache Plus technology to increase random write performance by 40% when queue depth is low or when the transfer length is short. In theory, the number of discs is reduced compared to the Ultrastar He10. Therefore, the power consumption of the Ultrastar DC H330 should be reduced.

However, the new hard disk consumes 9.2W in the operating mode, which is higher than the previous 6.8W, which does not mean it is worse than the former 10 TB version.

  • First, a small number of discs can reduce manufacturing costs.
  • Second, in some densely written scenarios, it can be faster. So for most use cases that match product positioning, it is still efficient enough.

However, in the idle state, its power consumption has increased by 3W compared with the previous generation.


It offers enterprise-class 2M hours MTBF with 5-year limited warranty.


Western Digital’s Ultrastar DC HC330 10 TB drives will be available to OEMs, cloud and enterprise customers in September this year. The price of Ultrastar DC HC330 10 TB is depending on the number of purchases per batch.

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