This post elaborated by MiniTool Software Ltd. mainly teaches you how to update the USB to HDMI driver within Windows eleven to fix its adapter not working problem. Besides, it also provides other methods to deal with the issue.

Update USB to HDMI Driver to Fix Its Adapter Not Working in Windows 11

USB to HDMI adapters allow people to connect computers to secondary display, TV, etc. external devices through HDMI even under the situation that there is no HDMI port on the devices.

Yet, USB to HDMI adapters are not always workable for some users, especially after they upgrading their operating system (OS) to the latest Windows 11. The most probable cause is that the old USB to HDMI adapter driver does not support the new system. That is to say, your current driver for USB to HDMI is outdated, damaged, or even missing.

To deal with that situation, the most direct way is to update or reinstall USB to HDMI driver. To do that, there are several ways.

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Download PL2303 Driver Win11 to Fix USB to Serial Not Working

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#1 Update USB to HDMI Driver with Device Manager

First of all, the most common way to mange device drivers is within Windows Device Manager.

  1. Go to Device Manager in Windows 11.
  2. Find the target USB to HDMI driver Windows 11. It may under Other devices, Universal Serial Bus controllers, or Human Interface Devices section.
  3. Right-click the target driver and select Update driver.
  4. Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the process.

Or, you can choose Uninstall driver after right-clicking on the target item. Then, restart your PC to let Windows reinstall the corresponding driver for you.

#2 Update USB to HDMI Device Driver by Windows Update

Another way to update HDMI to USB driver is to perform Windows update to update necessary drivers. It you fail to update the target device driver, you can navigate to Start > Settings > Windows Update > Advanced options > Optional updates to check whether the desired driver update is there or not.

optional updates for Windows update

#3 Manually Download and Install USB to HDMI Driver

In the third place, you can choose to manually download and install the target driver from the vendors’ official websites or a reliable source. The following is third-party web page on which you can get the USB 3.0 to HDMI adapter driver.

Download USB to HDMI driver Windows 11 >>

#4 Automatically Detect and Download USB to HDMI Driver by Driver Updater

Finally, you are able to rely on a professional device driver updating or downloading program to help you find, download, and even install the target hardware/firmware driver. There are official and third-party tools available.

Other Methods to Handle USB to HDMI Adapter Not Working Issue

In addition to driver update, there are some other solutions that can help you solve USB to HDMI not working problem. They are listed below.

  • Scan for hardware changes in Device Manager.
  • Change another USB port or hub.
  • Change another USB cable/wire.
  • Roll back to previous Windows such as Windows 10.
  • Ask for technical support from the adapter’s vendor.

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