Certainly, the mouse middle click button is not new to you; you can easily find it on many mice and some touchpads. The middle mouse button is clickable and it is also known as the scroll wheel, which is able to help you browse a long web page easily. In the following content, I will introduce this button to you in more detail.

If you take a look at your daily used mouse now, you can easily find that there are three buttons on it: the left button, the middle button and the right button. If you move the middle button on a mouse back and forth, you are able to browse the active window at a pace that suits you.

Yet, there’s a more convenient way for you to browse, you may click on the mouse middle click button and put the pointer up and down to let the content scroll automatically. Obviously, this design is very useful when you are viewing long documents and web pages.

Using Skills of Mouse Middle Click Button on Windows

In addition to get your long active window moving (how to display the last active window in Windows 10), which is the well-known page-scrolling function, the middle mouse button also has many other functions. Here, I will mainly introduce 3 additional usage of the middle mouse button on laptop. (In fact, you are allowed to use middle mouse button in Windows 10 and other systems, like Win7, Win8, and even Mac OS)

Here’s how to add a middle click on Mac effectively.

Open Links in New Tabs

What do you usually do to open a link in a new tab in the mainstream browsers, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox?

  • Some people answered that they often move the pointer to the new tab button and click on it (click the left button) to achieve.
  • Yet, there’s a quicker way to open links in new tabs: you can click on the middle button on a mouse to open the links directly and immediately.
  • Well, new links can also be opened by holding down the Ctrl button on the keyboard and left-clicking on the target link (this is also considered as the middle mouse button keyboard shortcut).

open a link in a new tab

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Close Tabs in Browser

According to search, many people are accustomed to open several tabs in a web browser at the same time. So if you want to close the certain tab, it may take some time:

  1. You need to find the right one and click to choose it.
  2. Then, you should click the little X button (located on the right corner of the tab) to close it.

With the help of middle click mouse button, you can make things easier: you only need to shift to the tab you want to close and then click on the middle mouse button to make it disappear.

Open Every Link in a Folder

Saving favorite sites is a smart move to save time when you use Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or any other web browsers. Certainly, it’s a good idea to organize the frequently used favorite sites into a folder. Thus, you can find and open them quickly when necessary.

Yet, the more amazing thing is – you can open all the links in a folder quickly and simultaneously by middle-clicking on that folder, all thanks to the middle button on a mouse.

open links in a folder

It really doesn’t matter where the folder is located: on bookmarks/navigation toolbar, or in a pull-down menu, you can open every link in it directly by middle-clicking on the target folder.

Please read this if you find the middle click mouse is not working.

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