What is the error code van 68 Valorant? How to fix it if it makes the rounds in Valorant? With just a few simple moves below on MiniTool Website, you can easily fix this error code. Hope that you can play the game smoothly.

Valorant Error Code Van 68

Valorant error code van 68 is a recurring issue when gaming and it is widely considered a connectivity error due to poor network connection. Quite a few game players like you can’t wait to solve it because this is very annoying, especially if it pops up in crucial mid-game. Don’t worry, it is not difficult to tackle van 68 error code Valorant. Just follow these steps carefully.

How to Fix Valorant Error Code Van 68 Windows 10?

Fix 1: Reboot Your PC and Router

When encountering Valorant error code van 68, it informs you to reboot the client to reconnect. Maybe your computer is on for a pretty long time thus it needs to relax for a while. The operation is very easy. You just need to click the Power button and click Restart.

Fix 2: Allow Valorant Through Windows Firewall

The ports that contact to Valorant may be blocked by Windows Firewall thus allowing Valorant through Windows Firewall might be a fix to Valorant error code van 68.

How to Allow or Block a Program Through Firewall Windows 10
How to Allow or Block a Program Through Firewall Windows 10

The Windows Firewall may prevent your program from access the Internet. This post shows you how to allow a program through Firewall Windows 10.

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Step 1. Press Win + R to open the Run box.

Step 2. Type control and hit Enter to open Control Panel.

Step 3. Navigate to System & Security and click on Allow an app through Windows Firewall under Windows Defender Firewall.

Step 4. Click Change settings and then click on Allow another app at the bottom of this window.

click allow another app

Step 5. Click Browse to find the executable file of this game and click Add. Make sure to tick Private and Public.

Step 6. Reboot your PC to see if error code van 68 Valorant Windows 10 still exists.

Tip: Don’t forget to disable your third-party antivirus software temporarily as well.

Fix 3: Disable IPv 6

Because Valorant doesn’t fully support IPv6, disabling it might also work for Valorant error code van 68.

Step 1. Press Win + I to open Windows Settings.

Step 2. Look for Network & Internet.

Step 3. In Status, click Change adapter options.

click change adapter options

Step 4. Right-click your network adaptor and select Properties.

Step 5. In the Networking tab, untick Internet Protocol Version 6(TCP/IPv6) and hit OK.

Tip: Do you know what IP is? There are two versions of IP. One is IPv4, the other is IPv6. For more details on that, please have a look at – Here Are Some Information About IPv4 VS IPv6 Addresses.

Fix 4: Flush the DNS

As known to all, flushing the DNS can address a large majority of network connection issues. Van 68 error code Valorant is no exception.

Step 1. Type cmd to navigate to Command Prompt and right-click it to choose Run as administrator.

Step 2. Copy & paste Ipconfig /flushdns in the black command window and hit Enter.

flush the dns

Step 3. The system will flush the DNS resolver cache for you, please relaunch Valorant again to inspect if Valorant error code van 68 disappears.

Fix 5: Use Valorant Installer

Few people know that the Valorant installer is helpful to repair the game issue. To repair Valorant error code van 68 with Valorant installer, follow these steps below.

Step 1. Go to Valorant website to download the installer.

Step 2. Launch it and click Advanced options under the Install button to select the exact file location of the game. It should be in the folder named Riot Games.

Step 3. Once you find it, choose it and let it repair your error. It takes about 5-10 minutes to finish this process, just wait patiently.

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