You can use both VGA and HDMI to connect devices to a display, but do you know the difference between them? If you don’t know, then you should read this post carefully. In this post, MiniTool will give you full information about VGA vs HDMI.

Speaking of connecting devices (such as laptop computers and DVD players) to a display (such as a TV, computer monitor), you can use VGA, HDMI and DVI cables to do that. And this post gives you some information about VGA vs HDMI.

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Speaking of VGA vs HDMI, you should know their capabilities. This part we have compared the capabilities of HDMI vs VGA.


The VGA cable was used to only transmit video signals from the device to the display. At the time it was first released (1987), analog signals were common. As digital signals became more common, VGA cables were enhanced by converters to achieve an analog-to-digital conversion.

VGA cable

But newer display devices also adopted digital signals, so the process became a two-step conversion from digital to analog and then back to digital, which also results in concurrent degradation of the signal.

Analog signals would lose some information when converted to digital, and lose more information when converted back to digital. In addition, the analog signal carries less information than the digital signal. Therefore, this original image has a lower “sharpness” than the digital signal can achieve at the beginning.


The HDMI standard allows digital video and audio signals to be transmitted through the same interface (port) and cable, and can simultaneously provide high-definition (HD) video at resolutions of 1,920 x 1200 pixels and 8 audio channels.

HDMI cable

The HDMI supports digital copy protection of all signals, so it is used in different devices such as Apple TV, Blu-ray players and game consoles, and other similar electronic products.

Signal Quality

Is VGA better than HDMI when referring to the signal quality? VGA cables are susceptible to crosstalk (signal interference from other cables) and length issues. If it exceeds about 4 feet, the analog video signal tends to collapse.

The HDMI cable is not very sensitive to crosstalk, but will be interfered with electromagnetic fields. To solve the problem of using multiple cables in narrow places, the best HDMI cable should provide a thicker insulation layer. However, most standard HDMI cables can provide excellent connections and stable performance without the need to purchase premium cables at high prices.


The VGA cable is not compatible with the HDMI port unless a converter is used. Even if a converter is used, the video signal quality will be greatly reduced when using a VGA cable, so they are usually used as a stopgap measure. Audio requires a separate cable.

If an HDMI cable is used with a VGA port, a converter unit and a separate cable are required to connect the video display and provide audio signals to a separate port.


Today, the main benefit of VGA connections is that older technologies (such as projectors) are almost always compatible with them; however, VGA’s current use range is getting less and less and performing poorly.

Most PC gamers use HDMI connections to shorten the response time (the speed at which the image on the screen updates or moves; the longer the response time, the more motion blur is visible.). However, HDMI 1.4 is limited to a 4K resolution at 30 FPS, while HDMI 2.0 supports 4K up to 60 FPS, but newer versions are not very common.

Another application of the HDMI connection is on Mac. Although only Mac Mini’s post-2010 models, MacBook Pro’s post-2012 models, and Mac Pro’s late 2013 models have HDMI ports for connecting HDTVs and other displays, other models can still use mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter to connect via HDMI ports.

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Bottom Line

Is HDMI better than VGA? After reading this post, you should know that HDMI is a better choice. And in this post, we have compared the capabilities, signal quality, compatibility, and applications between VGA vs HDMI.

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