Is Visual Studio IntelliSense not working or VS Code IntelliSense not working on Windows 11/10? This post is written by MiniTool to help you find useful solutions to fix this issue. Go to look through this article to know what you should do.

Visual Studio/Visual Studio Code IntelliSense Not Working

According to Microsoft, IntelliSense is a code-completion tool that offers various code editing features like Complete Word, List Members, Quick Info, and Parameter Info. IntelliSense is used for specific programming languages like JavaScript, JSON, CSS, SCSS, TypeScript, HTML, and Less. IntelliSense makes the coding task easy since some suggestions or tool tips for writing code will be offered.

IntelliSense is equipped with Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code (VS Code). In Visual Studio, IntelliSense options are enabled by default. To know more information about this feature, go to read two related posts:

In some cases, Visual Studio IntelliSense not working or VS Code IntelliSense not working can happen on Windows 10/11 PC due to some unknown reasons. If you are used to using it, you can find it is difficult to code when this issue appears. What should you do? Go to the next part and you can find multiple solutions to fix this problem.

How to Fix IntelliSense Not Working Visual Studio/Visual Studio Code

Restart Visual Studio or VS Code

When a program goes wrong, the first thing someone will tell you is to restart it. Thus, you can also give it a try when IntelliSense is not working. Just restart VS Code or Visual Studio. In some cases, this fix is very useful and time-consuming. If it fails to fix the issue, go on troubleshooting.

Update VS Code/Visual Studio

Sometimes updating a program can help to fix issues, bugs, or errors in the program. To fix Visual Studio IntelliSense not working/Visual Studio Code IntelliSense not working, you can also try to update the code editor.

In Visual Studio Code, go to click the gear icon and choose Check for Updates. In Visual Code, click Help from the menu bar and choose Check for Updates.

check for updates in Visual Studio Code

Guide - How to Update Visual Studio to a New Version in Windows
Guide - How to Update Visual Studio to a New Version in Windows

To gain a better experience, you can choose to update Visual Studio. If you don’t know how to do it, this post can help you a lot in multiple ways.

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Reinstall VS Code/Visual Studio

Reinstalling Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code is a good method to fix IntelliSense not working on Windows 11/10. Just go to uninstall the program from Control Panel, then download the latest version of the code editor and install it on your PC. These two related posts may be helpful:

Install Extensions

It is necessary to install an extension specifically for a specific language to get a greater experience and more auto-complete features.

Step 1: In Visual Studio Code, go to Extensions Panel (Ctrl+Shift+X).

Step 2: Search for Intellisense + [Name of language] like Intellisense Python.

Step 3: Choose one from the list of extensions and click on Install.

install a language extension

Other Solutions:

In addition to these methods, some users recommend restarting the computer to fix Visual Studio IntelliSense not working. Besides, some other fixes – select the correct programming language mode, check settings of the code editor, uninstall and reinstall all the .NET software, etc. are also helpful and you can have a try.

If you have tried some other workarounds to solve IntelliSense not working, tell us in the comment part below. Thanks a lot.

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