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03/13/2023 Update: Warframe crossplay is already available on all platforms, which allows players to join missions, Relays, Hubs, and Clan Dojos with other players from other different platforms. Yet, it currently does not support friends, Trading or gifting, or voice chat across different platforms. View more details on

12/06/2021 Update: Warframe crossplay and cross-save is going to be true, which was first announced on TennoCon on July 18, 2021. As for when to release this feature, there is no official confirm yet. 

Warframe is a free-to-play action role-playing third-person shooter multiplayer online game developed and published by Digital Extremes (DE). It applies to Microsoft Windows (PC), PlayStation (PS) 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch.

Warframe What Is Cross Save?

Warframe cross save refers to you play and save Warframe game files in one platform, but you can access your savings on other platforms if you sign into the same account there. Warframe cross platform enables you to play your game in the same settings no matter which system you are in.

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Does Warframe Have Cross Save or Crossplay?

In general, Warframe neither has cross save nor has cross-platform play (Wareframe crossplay) right now, and probably will not have for a long time in the future. As a remedy, DE migrates data from Console to PC, or vice versa, once or twice a year to ensure all platforms are synced up. Yet, it’s a long step away from cross-save.

The possibility of cross-saving is limited by the fact that PC updates come much faster than other consoles’ updates; the reason is described in the above content. Also, you cannot transfer your Warframe account from one platform to another.

Why Isn’t Warframe Cross Save?

Besides the un-sync Warframe update problem among all platforms, the code issue is the main reason for Warframe not having cross-save yet. Different platforms running on different codes; it may need some solid communication among all those different platforms while using different code languages.

Yet, you may expect Warframe cross-save in the future for DE said that they are interested in it “…I don’t think there’s a heck of a lot of code written to support that currently but it definitely is something that we want to adapt.” However, for when is cross save coming to Warframe, there isn’t any timeframe.

Why Need Cross Save Warframe?

Cross save makes it convenient to shift from one platform to another, for example, Nintendo Switch to PC. Some players get bad FPS, terrible performance, crashes, etc. after upgrading to new updates on their Switch platform, say 20 – 15 FPS. However, this tends not to happen if they play on PCs. Therefore, they would like to switch from the original Switch to their computers when they play Warframe.

Yet, those people do not want to lose their records & progresses and start over when they play the game on new platforms. If they create a new account when moving to the new system, they will lose all their old achievements. So, if there is cross-saving, they can easily play Warframe with their previous accomplishments on the new platforms just by logging into their current game accounts.

Cross save is more feasible and it allows game players to transfer account files across different platforms and systems. Though it seems very difficult from the perspective of technical skill, cross-save is appreciated by many gamers and available in many other games like Fortnite.

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The Possible Concern of Warframe Cross Save

Some players may worry that the update comes to different platforms at different times; it may influence the result of cross-save. Actually, it is not a big problem. If you get some rewards on your PC that is up to date with Warframe, when you shift to your PlayStation that still hold the old version, the only loss is that you can’t play with your new achievements on PS. If you switch back to your computer, you can again access your rewards.

However, from a bug-fixing view, to release on PC STEAM once the build is ready, instead of delaying the release and coinciding with the console build, is monetarily better. DE do their main testing on the PC builds (relying on the larger number of PC players’ reports) and ensure the respective Consoles that their update won’t actually create functional problems or bugs causing exploits for the Console. Without the PC tests, those bugs will endanger the high-speed pipe DE has for Console certification.

Therefore, out of sync between PC and Consoles will still exist. If you don’t care about the un-sync between them, you can freely use the cross-save when it is available. Yet, cross-save is unavailable until now and maybe a long time in the future due to this un-sync problem.

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