Can I watch Apple TV on a Windows computer? Is there an Apple TV app for Windows 10/11 to watch shows and movies? From this post on MiniTool’s website, you can find some details about the Apple TV watch on computer and Apple TV download (iOS & macOS).

Supported Devices for Apple TV & Is There an Apple TV App for Windows?

Apple TV app, also known as Apple TV, TV, and the TV app, is an all-inclusive media player software for viewing shows and films, streaming content from Apple TV+ and iTunes, and subscribing to premium Apple TV Channels. Apple TV+ is a streaming service available in the Apple TV app and it allows you to watch many Apple Original shows and movies.

You can find the Apple TV app on many Apple devices, including Smart TVs (Samsung, LG, VIZIO, and Sony), streaming devices (Roku, Android TV, Google TV, and Fire TV), and game consoles like PlayStation and Xbox. iPhones, iPads, iPods, Macs, and Apple TV 4Ks also support the Apple TV app.

When reading here, you may ask: is there an Apple TV app for Windows 10/11? Nowdays, the Apple TV app is available on Windows 11 PCs and the preview version of this app can be installed via the Microsoft Store. For Windows 10, the app is not offered.

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How to Watch Apple TV on Computer (Windows 10/11 & macOS)

Apple TV Watch on Computer Online via a Web Browser

If you are using a Windows PC, how can you watch Apple TV on a computer? Although you cannot use the Apple TV app for Windows, you can do this work online.

It is easy to watch movies and shows online and see the steps below:

Step 1: Open a web browser like Opera, Google Chrome, Edge, or Firefox on your Windows PC.

Step 2: Visit Apple’s official website -

Step 3: Click the Sign In button and use your Apple ID to sign in to start a free trial within 7 days. Later, you need to pay $6.99 every month for the subscription service. If you don’t have an Apple ID, create a new one for login.

watch Apple TV on computer in browser

Watch Apple TV on Computer with Windows 11 via Apple TV App

To watch Apple TV in Windows 11, go to Microsoft Store, search for Apple TV and click the Get button to start downloading and installing this preview version.

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In addition, you can watch Apple TV shows on a Windows computer by using Airplay. This software screen uses mirroring technology to display the screen of an iPhone, iPad, or Mac to your Windows computer. Make sure both your devices are using the same connection.

Watch App TV on Computer with macOS via Apple TV App

For macOS, you can also run an Apple TV watch on computer in a web browser. In addition, you can directly use the Apple TV app. By default, it is pre-installed and you can find it from your Dock. Just go to Finder > Applications and scroll down to find TV. Click it and you can see shows and movies here. If this app isn’t installed on your Mac, go to download Apple TV APP and install it via Mac App Store.

To watch exclusive shows and movies on your iPhone or iPad, you can download Apple TV app via App Store.

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Final Words

That’s the information about Apple TV and how to watch Apple TV on computer. Just follow the steps above to watch your favorite shows from Apple TV on your Windows PC & Mac.

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