Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and Firefox are some popular web browsers for Windows. Of course, there are also some other alternative browsers for Windows and they all have their own features. We list some of them in this post.

You need to use a web browser to search for and visit websites no matter you are using Windows or Mac. If you are running Windows, you may choose to use the default Microsoft Edge. Besides, Google Chrome and Firefox are also two popular web browsers.

Of course, there are numerous web browsers for Windows. In the following content, we will show them for you. For some other computer tips and tricks, you can visit the MiniTool home page.

Alternative Browsers for Windows List

1.Microsoft Edge

It is a new designed default web browser for Windows 10. It was released to the public this year.

2. Internet Explorer

With it, you can browse website with more confidence. Internet Explorer 10 can protect your Windows from being attacked by the online threats.

3. Google Chrome

It knows the basic tasks that a web browser for Windows should do. It is fast and it has all the needed essentials. (Click here to learn some Google Chrome Tips and Tricks

4. Firefox

It is Mozilla Firefox. We can say that it is the most successful alternative browser for Windows.

5. Vivaldi

It is more suitable for the advanced Internet users. It is not the best choice for regular browsing. But, it has many useful tools that can make your study, research, marking things easier.

6. Colibri

It is a different type of web browser for Windows. It has simple design and enables you to browse without tabs.

7. Iridium

It is also a kind of Chromium-based browser and it is designed with strong privacy features

8. Maxthon

This is an IE based web browser. It has many attractive features that can offer you with great browsing experience.

9. Cyberfox

This is an x64 bit web browser and you should know this. Besides, it is compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio, Windows 8 SDK & Intel Composer XE 2013, and based on the Firefox code.

10. Waterfox

It is designed for Windows 64 bits and it is also based on the Firefox code. It is a fast web browser for Windows.

11. Pale Moon

As a stripped-down version of Firefox, it doesn’t contain some certain features. But it focuses on the browsing speed.

12. Avant

It has a user-friendly interface that gives you a new level of clarity and efficiency when you are browsing the web sites. It is becoming more and more reliable after every update.

13. Tor

Anonymity when browsing web sites is one of its main attractive features.

14. Kid Rocket

It is a special kid’s web browser for Windows, which has the functions of Internet Filter, PC Desktop Protection, etc.

15. Lunascape

It is a triple engine browser that is the world’s first and only one. It has 11 available languages.

16. RockMelt

With it, you can easily and quickly keep in touch with your friends, search for information on the internet, and obtain updates from websites.

17. SlimBrowser

This is a fast-tabbed multiple-site web browser for Windows.

18. Sea Monkey

This web browser for Windows is designed with an advanced e-mail, newsgroup and feed client. With it, IRC chatand HTML editing become simpler.This application meets your requirements you need in Internet.

19. Prism

You can use it as an extension for Firefox and you can also use it as a standalone application.

20. Deepnet

It is the world’s first web browser with the functions of RSS news reader, P2P client integration, and phishing alarm.

21. K-Meleon

This browser is based on the Gecko layout engine.It is fast, customizable, and lightweight

22. Baidu Spark

It is alightweight and a Chromium-based alternative browser for Windows. It has many amazing features like Torrent Client, built-in media downloader, and more.

Bottom Line

Of course, there are some other web browsers for Windows. You can search for them and then choose a suitable based on your own needs.

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