When you are surfing the Internet but find that the Internet is slow, then you may ask yourself - “Why is my Internet so slow?” Several reasons may cause this problem. And after knowing the reasons, you can try some methods to solve the “Internet slow” problem. If you have other problems related to the Internet, then it is recommended to go to the MiniTool website.

Why Is My Internet So Slow?

When you spend a long time downloading videos, you might ask yourself a question – “Why is my internet slow?” A number of reasons could trigger the “Internet slow” problem, such as a problem with your modem or router, Wi-Fi signal, signal strength on your cable line, devices on your network saturating your bandwidth, and so on.

If your speed test determines that your Internet speed is slow, then you should try to connect to multiple websites and use multiple devices at home when the Internet connection is slow. If only one website is running slowly, it may be a problem with that website, not your Internet. There is nothing you can do except wait for the person in charge of the website to fix it.

If the “Internet slow” problem only appears on one computer, you should know the problem is that computer. So you may only need to restart your computer, or you may need to perform a malware scan with your preferred antivirus software to check if everything is working properly. If the slowness occurs on multiple devices (for example, multiple computers, or your computer and phone), it is almost certainly a network problem and you should try the following methods.

Method 1: Restart the Modem and Router

If you meet the “Internet slow” issue, then you may ask yourself – “Why is my Internet so slow and how do I fix it?” The answer is to restart the modem and router.

Similar to computers, modems and routers sometimes fall into a bad, slow, and overloaded state. This problem can be solved by restarting. If you haven’t restarted the router and modem for a while, you should do it now.

restart the modem

If you have a combined modem/router unit, you may only need to restart one device. But you most likely need to restart two pieces of hardware: router and modem. The router is connected to the modem, which is connected to the wall cable. To restart them, unplug them from their power outlets for ten seconds before plugging them back in. It may take a few minutes for your modem to reconnect to the Internet service provider and bring the Internet connection online, so please be patient. After restarting, check whether the speed has increased.

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Method 2: Improve the Wi-Fi Signal

Your Internet may be good, but the Wi-Fi that connects you to the Internet has a signal problem. A bad Wi-Fi connection seems to be an Internet connection problem, especially because it affects all the devices in your home. Therefore, you should consider using a mesh Wi-Fi system, which provides multiple base stations that you can place around the house or property.

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Method 3: Stop Saturating the Connection

The Internet connection is shared by all the devices in the home, so other devices on the network may saturate the Internet connection and slow down everyone else.

If this is a particularly common problem, you may have to upgrade your Internet software package. However, you can also check whether the router has a Quality of Service (QoS) feature, which will allow the router to automatically manage and allocate the bandwidth received by different devices and services.

To sum up, when your Internet is slow, you need to figure out the causes to slow internet and try the methods mentioned above to fix the “Internet slow” issue.

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