Facebook is a worldwide popular social networking site; users like to share photos and videos on it. However, various errors occurred while people are using Facebook, just like other apps and platforms. For instance, the videos won’t play on Facebook. Why does this happen? Can it be fixed? This MiniTool webpage tells you all.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms around the world. If offers a good way to connect and share with family members, friends, and even strangers online. As the largest social network, Facebook has been updating frequently to fix known bugs and improve overall performance.

Hardware Access Error Facebook: Can’t Access Camera Or Microphone.

However, problems like videos not playing on Facebook occurs now and then. Why won’t videos play on Facebook? If you don’t know how to answer this question, the following content will be very helpful. These reasons explain why your videos won’t play in Facebook most of the time.

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Why Your Facebook Videos Won’t Play Online

A popular way to use Facebook is visiting the Facebook official website in a browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Some users said they find a certain Facebook video not playing while using Chrome (or another browser). What’s really going on?

Why won't Facebook videos play in browsers

There are 4 common reasons to explain why Facebook won’t play videos in browsers.

Reason 1: Unsuccessful Browser Launch

There are chances that your browser wasn’t launching properly. You may receive relative error messages that show certain components or settings of the browser you’re using are not working well. This will eventually affect the loading time or stop you from streaming videos on certain websites.

How to fix?

First, you should log out from Facebook. Then, you should reset your browser or uninstall & reinstall it. Finally, please restart your device and launch the browser to log into Facebook again.

Reason 2: Improper Configurations

Some browsers you using can limit the functionalities of your Facebook account. It’s possible that some settings of your Facebook are configured to disable plugins, stopping you from playing videos successfully.

How to fix?

If you can’t see videos on Facebook, you should go to check the settings and configurations to make sure they are correct.

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Reason 3: Corrupt Cache

Your personal information, program data, and launch configurations are always cached by a website so as to increase the responding time. Yet, the cache data may get corrupted sometimes due to different reasons. This will then decrease the Facebook loading time, reduce the overall performance, and finally prevent you from watching the Facebook videos.

How to fix?

The effective solution to troubleshoot Facebook video not working in this case is clearing the cache data manually.

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Reason 4: Disabled Flash Content

The Flash Content is necessary for websites to display different types of content; video playback depends on it very much. Therefore, if the Flash Content feature is disabled in your browser settings, it will prevent you from playing videos.

How to fix?

You can go to change the settings manually to enable Flash Content or try to update the browser.

Why You Can’t Play Videos on Facebook App

You can also download the Facebook app to your device like mobile phone and then log in your account through it. Some Facebook app users are also asking: why won’t my videos play on Facebook. Here’s the answer for them.

Reason 1: Storage Issue

If your storage space is going to run out, not enough to house any more data from Facebook videos, you’ll find videos on Facebook won’t play. Besides, if the storage is corrupted somehow, you can’t watch videos either.

How to fix?

You can delete unnecessary files to release more free space or change a new storage card.

Reason 2: Improper Settings

Wrong configurations of the Facebook app can also cause the videos not playing error to occur.

How to fix?

Please change the improper settings manually or reset to default as a whole.

Reason 3: App Problem

Some app problems like poor network/signal and bugs can also lead to the Facebook videos not working error.

How to fix?

You should check the internet connect & signal, update/reinstall the app, or restart your device.

That’s all about why won’t videos play on Facebook and how to fix the problem.

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