When your computer is bothered by some issues, the first recommended solution is to reboot the computer. Why rebooting a computer fixes problems? What does restarting your computer do? You may want to know the answers to these questions. Now, MiniTool will tell you the answers in this post.

Restarting a Computer Can Fix Some Issues

When something goes wrong with your computer, you may find that restarting the computer can just fix the problem. Even sometimes, the error message informs you that Windows will restart the computer to fix the issue you are facing.

For example, when your computer boots into Windows Critical Structure Corruption, you will find that there is a message saying Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We’re just collecting some error info, and then we’ll restart for you.

After the computer reboots, you may find that your problem is solved. Why rebooting a computer fixes problems? What does restarting your computer do? You may ask these questions. We will show you this related information in this post.

What does Restarting Your Computer Do?

First, let’s talk about what happens when your computer is running:

When using a computer, you need to open and close programs. At times, you need to install and uninstall programs. You may use some programs like an internet browser for hours or even days. There are also other things that are running on the background. You don’t even see them actually.

Actually, your computer is running some processes that you don’t need to use in the background. These processes can slow down your computer and hog the system resources like RAM. The background processes will be more and more if you don’t restart your computer. If things go on like this for a long time, your computer will go into problems.

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At times, when a process is not closed properly, it will be left in the background and influence your computer’s normal running. Even worse, it may lead to your computer unbootable.

What happens when you restart your computer?

When rebooting the computer, the machine will close every single program and process. When it starts again, you will get a computer with a clean state. You may find that the issues are fixed and the machine has a faster running speed.

Why rebooting your computer? That is because your computer needs to shut down the unnecessary processes that are running in the background & taking the system resources and close the progress that may lead to your computer issues. That is why rebooting a computer fixes problems.

When You Should Restart Your Computer?

Now, you know what does restarting your computer do and why rebooting a computer fixes problems. Do you know when you should reboot your computer? Here are some applicable occasions:

  • When your computer is running slowly
  • When your computer is working abnormally
  • When your computer is freezing
  • When there are hardware or driver issues
  • When it takes a long time to open a web page
  • After a software or patch update
  • After any type of software or hardware installation
  • And more…
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When you are bothered by the above issues, you can first reboot your computer to see whether the issue can be solved. In general, half of the computer issues can be solved by restarting the computer.

Restarting Can Also Fix Problems on Other Devices

This logic of restarting fixes problems is also applied to other devices like mobile phones, televisions, modem, router, DVR, home security system, digital camera, etc. When you suspect there is something wrong with the above devices, you can first reboot them to see whether the issue disappears.

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