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Wii U not reading disc

When you use your Nintendo to play games, you may encounter different kinds of issues such as the Wii/Wii U not reading disc. Do you know the reasons for this issue? Do you want to fix this issue? If yes, you can read this MiniTool post to get the answers.

The Wii is a home video game console that is released by Nintendo. When you use it to play games, you may encounter different kinds of issues like Wii or Wii U not reading disc, the game is freezing or crash on Wii or Wii U, Wii or Wii U won’t play disc, and more.

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You should not be worried when you are bothered by these issues since you can take some measures to fix them.

Reasons for Wii/Wii U Not Reading Disc

Before fixing the issues like Wii U not reading disc, Wii won’t play disc, you should know why such kinds of issues happen. We collect some top causes like these:

  • The disc is dirty: it is quite possible that the disk the console tries to read is dirty. In a situation like this, the Laser Lens can have issues to read the disk. Why? The Laser Lens uses an optical laser to read the target disk. If the disk is dirty, the Laser Lens may not properly read the disk and you may receive an error message saying Wii Unable To Read Disc or other error messages.
  • The Laser Lens is dirty: the Laser Lens can also get dirty. If so, it will not properly scan and read the disk. And you will encounter the Wii won’t read disk or Wii won’t play disc issues.
  • The Laser Lens is broken: if the Laser Lens is broken, you will, of course, the Wii U not reading disc issue. After you use the Laser Lens for a long time, it may get damaged. This is a common issue. But, the damaged Laser Lens can’t be fixed and you need to replace it with a new one.

Now, you know the causes of the Wii won’t read disk or Wii won’t play disc issues. Next, we will talk about Wii troubleshooting won’t read disc.

Fix 1: Clean the Dirty Disc

If the disc is dirty, you need to clean it with a soft cloth.

You need to strictly clean the disk by following these steps without damaging the disc further:

  1. Spray the special cleaning solution on the optical part (surface) of the disk.
  2. Use the soft and clean cloth to gently clean the surface of the disk.
  3. Wait until the disk is dried and then insert it into the Wii console.

After these three steps, you can go to check whether Wii can successfully read the inserted disc.

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Fix 2: Clean the Dirty Laser Lens

Nintendo have had a special solution for cleaning the Laser Lens. You can buy one from the online store. In general, the solution comes with special cleaning tools. You can use the tools to automatically clean the Laser Lens. However, it doesn’t offer this solution. You need to solve the issue by yourself.

Laser Lens cleaning tool

If you don’t have the special cleaning tools, you can follow these steps to clean the Laser Lens:

  1. Take out an old disk that you don’t use it anymore and then place a piece of soft fabrics on the opposite ends on the backside of the disk.
  2. Tape the ends of the soft fabric to the disk.
  3. Use a sturdy but thin thread to stick the fabric to the end of the disk.
  4. Tape the fabric as well. At the same time, you need to make sure that the tape is not above the fabric and thin.
  5. Insert that disc inside the console and make it rotate.

This will automatically clean the dirty Laser Lens. After that, you can go to check whether your Wii/Wii U can read the disk normally.

Fix 3: Replace the Broken Laser Lens

If the Laser Lens is broken, you have to replace it with a new one. You can purchase one from the online store. If you don’t know how to replace it, you can also ask a professional for help.

After trying these three methods, the Wii/Wii U not reading disc issue should be fixed.

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