This essay drafted by MiniTool official webpage tells you whether the game The SIMS will be compatible with Windows 11 or not. For different versions of SIMS, the situation may be different. See the differences below.

With the final release of Windows 11 on October 5, 2021, many users want to upgrade to it and experience its fresh new features. Especially, gamers are attracted by the auto HDR (high dynamic range) and DirectStorage of the new operating system (OS).

Among those game players, the fans of The SIMS wonder that will SIMS 4 work on Windows 11, or SIMS 3, SIMS 2, and even SIMS 1. Here in this article, we will talk about this theme.

Can SIMS 4 Be Played on Windows 11?

First of all, let’s see a case about playing SIMS 4 PC with Windows 11.

Does anybody know if Sims 4 is compatible with Windows 11? like at all?

I have the Windows insider beta channel where Insider previews of Windows 11 are installed, so I basically have Windows 11 now.

I experience crashes EVERY time I play and it's without any error message. I can play for about 30 min and then it just goes back to the desktop.
I have very little cc atm so it shouldn't be the reason why, but IDK.

For this situation, since the user can play SIMS 4 for a while without any problem, it indicates that the game is compatible with Windows 11. As for why it crashes after 30 minutes, there are many causes like bad custom content that have nothing to do with the system.

Besides, the overall important thing is that, first of all, your running computer should be compatible with Windows 11 and meet its minimum system requirements. If not, some old PCs can still manage to run Win11 but more easily encounter issues.

Therefore, SIMS 4 can be played on windows 11.

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Will SIMS 3 Work with Windows 11?

Does SIMS 3 PC work with Windows 11? Yes, it does! Although Windows 11 only has the 64-bit version, it supports not only 64-bit applications but also old 32-bit apps. Yet, it is still recommended that the old 32-bit programs upgrade to 64 bit to be better supported.

How About SIMS 2 and SIMS 1?

Theoretically, both SIMS 2 and SIMS 1 can be played in Windows 11 as long as your device is compatible with the OS. The older the game is, the lower its system requirements are. On the contrary, Windows 11 needs the highest hardware equipment to run itself. So, if your computer is compatible with Win11, it surely can run the old version of SIMS.

All in all, all versions of SIMS can work with Windows 11 including SIMS 4, SIMS 3, SIMS 2, as well as SIMS 1.

The new and powerful Windows 11 will bring you many benefits. At the same time, it will also bring you some unexpected damages such as data loss. Thus, it is strongly recommended that you back up your crucial files before or after upgrading to Win11 with a robust and reliable program like MiniTool ShadowMaker, which will assist you to protect your increasing data automatically on schedules!

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