Plan to install Windows 11? Is there a Windows 11 installer? MiniTool gives you a detailed guide on Windows 11 installer download & how to install the system via an ISO from a USB drive. Let’s get started now.

As a brand-new operating system, Windows 11 has gained much popularity and more and more people plan to transition to this OS from an old system like Windows 10 (its final version – 22H2 will end of life on October 14, 2025).

Before installing this operating system, you need to check if the PC is compatible with Windows 11. If your hardware specification cannot meet the system requirements, you cannot install this system unless you take some measures to bypass Windows 11 system requirements. If Windows 11 can run on your PC, try to install it.

So how to do this thing? Is there a Windows 11 installer for the installation? Move to the next part to know how to get Windows 11 installer ISO and install the system from a USB flash drive.

Windows 11 Installer Download

Windows 11 Installer ISO Download

You can download a Windows ISO image from the official website and use it as an offline installer. To get a full version of Windows 11 ISO, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or another browser on your PC and visit this page:

Step 2: Scroll down to the Download Windows 11 Disk Image (ISO) for x64 devices section.

Step 3: Click the drop-down arrow of Select Download and choose Windows 11 (multi-edition ISO for x64 devices). Then, click Download Now.

download Windows 11 disk image iso

Step 4: Choose the same language that is the same as the one you are using and click Confirm.

Step 5: Click the 64-bit Download button to start downloading the full version of Windows 11 ISO. Note that this download link is only valid for 24 hours from the time of creation.

Run Media Creation Tool to Get Windows 11 Installer ISO

In addition, you can get Windows 11 installer download file using Media Creation Tool.

Step 1: On the download page of Windows 11, go to the Create Windows 11 Installation Media section and click Download Now to get this Media Creation Tool.

Step 2: Run this tool on your PC and accept the license terms.

Step 3: Select a language and edition to go on.

Step 4: Choose ISO file and click Next. Save the ISO file to a location on the PC. Then, this tool starts downloading the ISO image.

download ISO via Media Creation Tool


In addition to downloading Windows 11 installer ISO, you can choose USB flash drive to directly get a Windows 11 USB installer. This can help create a bootable USB drive that can be used for a clean install of Windows 11.

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How to Install/Download Windows 11 onto a USB Drive? [3 Ways]

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Create USB Windows 11 Installer

After getting the ISO image, you need to create a Windows 11 USB installer so that you can install Windows 11 from USB offline. If you run Media Creation Tool to create a bootable USB drive, skip this part. If you use it to download an ISO, go on reading.

Step 1: Go to download Rufus online and run it.

Step 2: Connect a USB flash drive to your PC and choose it.

Step 3: Find the ISO image you have downloaded, choose it, and click the START button to get the offline Windows 11 USB installer.

create USB Windows 11 installer


Rufus gives you a download button that allows you to get a Windows 11 installer ISO. Just click the drop-down arrow next to SELECT and choose DOWNLOAD. Then, click the button, choose Windows 11, click Continue, select a release to continue, choose an edition, language, and architecture, and click the Download button. After finishing the Windows 11 installer download, follow the steps above to burn the ISO to your USB drive.

download Windows 11 Rufus

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Rufus Windows 11 Download & How to Use Rufus for a Bootable USB

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Now you get the bootable Windows 11 installer. How to install Windows 11 from it offline? The operations are simple.


Before the installation, it is recommended to create a backup for your important files, especially the data saved on the desktop. This is because the clean installation can delete your files of C drive. To keep data safe, run the free PC backup software – MiniTool ShadowMaker to set up a data backup.

MiniTool ShadowMaker TrialClick to Download100%Clean & Safe

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You only need to restart the PC to BIOS, change the USB drive as the first boot order, and then start the boot. Configure a language, time, and keyboard layout, then click the Install now button to start the clean installation by following the wizards on the screen. To know details, refer to our previous post – How to Install Windows 11 from USB? Follow Steps Here.


That’s all the information on Windows 11 installer download ISO and how to create a USB Windows 11 installer to install this operating system. Just follow the given instructions to take action.

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