This post edited by MiniTool collects some popular Windows 11 memes online to show you what the new system is in many users’ eyes. Most of those are not like Win11. Yet, be aware that there are still many people who are satisfied with Windows 11.

What Do Windows 11 Memes Mean?

The “memes” are some funny pictures, videos, jokes, words, etc. about a theme or topic. Windows 11 memes refer to the interesting things related to the next generation of Microsoft operating system (OS) – Windows 11.

Then, let’s see what laughing matters people have made based on the new Windows 11.

Windows 11 Memes

Since the introduction of Windows 11 or earlier than then, a lot of online geniuses have invented many Win11 jokes and brought us lots of fun.

#1 How to Indirectly Install Windows 11?

First of all, let us see a picture posted on Reddit referring to the next Windows 11.

Windows 11 meme on Reddit

Do you understand what the funny point is? Isn’t that funny?

Yet, someone asks that wouldn’t that be Windows 14? “no no no, he has windows so when you try to install Linux it won’t add because windows and Linux aren’t the same operating system. but then Linux and windows fight for controlling and they sacrifice their operating versions to try and stay on the PC and the one with the bigger number gets to stay.” Someone else answers.

#2 Windows 11 Memes About Compatibility

There are many funny topics about the hardware and software requirements for the coming Windows 11.

PC Master Race on shared a picture with the following description for the new Windows 11:

“New in town, looking for some fun with your TPM module.

No poors, no olds. If you have a Ryzen 1 or Intel gen or Lower, I will block your decrepit Hobo ass.”

He also said “Windows 11 will only run on computers with TPM (Trusted Platform Module) 2.0 chip. Released on October 2014 so machines (motherboards) older than that are guaranteed not to run W11.”

And, user Funny said that he understands what Microsoft meant with the last windows with the below picture.

what does Microsoft mean by the last Windows

He also added the following picture.

Windows 11 TPM 2.0 requirement

#3 Memes Ironing on Windows 11 Icons

Someone has found the principles of some icons (This PC, Recycle Bin, hard drive, and system logo) in both Windows 10 and Windows 11: in Windows 10, they are of side views; while in Windows 11, they are front-view.

Windows 10 icons vs Windows 11 icons

Also, PC Master Race posted this and describes it as Japanese goblin emoji vs Windows 11.

Japanese goblin emoji vs Windows 11

There is an interesting video that shows you how Windows 11 logo was created. Genius man!

User Crappy Design mocks how the logo of Windows 11 comes with the following picture.

how does Windows 11 logo come from

besides, Funny has predicted what Windows 100 logo will look like.

Windows 100 logo

And, user atroke86 on 9GAG commented with Windows 1000 logo as below.

windows 1000 logo

User awesomesuri commented with Windows origin logo as this:

Windows Origin logo

#4 Windows 11 Memes About Its Errors

User Latest News on 9GAG claims Microsoft to give users a “make it work like Windows 10” button.

Windows 11 treating for new features requirement

Users have found that Microsoft’s Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) is changing to black in Windows 11.

User Science & Tech on 9GAG posted a redesigned BSOD error message screenshot as below.

redesigned BSOD on Windows 11

WTF published this Windows 11 taskbar error with a comment of “cursed taskbar”.

Windows 11 right-aligned taskbar

#5 Memes Related to Windows 11 Design

When talks about the design of Windows 11, the most obvious feature is its Mac-like appearance. So, it isn’t surprising that people will suspect about Microsoft plagiarizes Apple.

Windows and Apple desktop

Another suspicion on Windows 11 is like this.

what the hell is Windows 11

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