A large number of Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7 users would like to upgrade their system to Windows 11 as soon as it was announced by Microsoft. However, users find some features they need are missing after upgrading to Windows 11. MiniTool Solution will now list the key features removed from Windows 11 for users to read before upgrading.

Lots of Features Are Missing from Windows 11

Some people are looking forward to upgrading to Windows 11 (the latest version of Microsoft Windows) since it contains a lot of new and improved things: new designs, new features, new look, improved hardware security, improved overall performance, and do on. However, what let users down the most after they upgrading to the new system is that they find some features contained in the older versions of systems are now missing from Windows 11.

Windows 11 New Look, New UI, Modern Icons, And More
Windows 11 New Look, New UI, Modern Icons, And More

As the new Windows operating system, Windows 11 brings many new things (improvements and features), including a new look, a new UI, and more.

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What are the Windows 11 missing features? Do you know them exactly? If not, please read the following content that will list the main features removed in Windows 11.

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Windows 11 Missing Features List

What are the exact features removed from Windows 11? Please don’t hurry to upgrade your system to Windows 11 until you know clearly about the Windows 11 removed features.

Features Missing from Start Menu Windows 11

The Start menu has been redesigned in Windows 11; some features in it are removed or replace by other features.

  • There are no longer Live Tiles in the menu; they are removed and replaced with widgets, which are separate from the Start menu.
  • Users are no longer allowed to create folders and groups of applications on the PC.
  • The apps and sites are not available in the Start menu, except for the pinned ones.
  • The Start menu layout is no longer resizable unless you change the system’s scaling settings.

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Windows 11 Start menu

Features Removed from Taskbar Windows 11

The taskbar location change from the lower left corner to the bottom right part is one of the most obvious changes in Windows 11. Besides, the taskbar contains many other Windows 11 deprecated features.

How Do You Get Windows 11 Style Taskbar In Windows 10
How Do You Get Windows 11 Style Taskbar In Windows 10

If you want to get Windows 11 style taskbar on Windows 10 computer but don’t know how to do, this page will be very helpful.

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  • The right-click menu of the taskbar is missing.
  • The people app icon is removed from the taskbar.
  • Task Manager’s shortcut is removed from the Windows 11 taskbar.
  • Some icons are no longer available in the System Tray.
  • There’s no longer an option to disable hiding system icon.
  • Users are not able to create toolbars like before on the taskbar.
  • The Aero Peek feature has been removed from the Show Desktop button.
  • Seconds will not appear in the clock flyout on the taskbar as part of the current time.
  • The network flyout doesn’t provide users with the option to troubleshoot connection issues directly.
  • The features to display taskbar labels & small icons, and disable grouping of buttons are deprecated.
  • Users are not allowed to move the taskbar to different locations on the screen (to the left, right, or top).
  • The third-party apps’ ability to access the APIs is limited, so they are unable to modify areas of the taskbar.
  • The Jump Lists can’t be activated anymore by pressing an application icon with a finger or the mouse cursor and swiping upward.
  • Though Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant, is not removed from Windows 11 completely, it’s no longer pinned to the taskbar.

Windows 11 taskbar

Features Deprecated from Windows Shell

  • The 18 inches and larger screen won’t support touch keyboard anymore.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for toolbar commands are not available in Windows 11 anymore.
  • News and Interests are deprecated from Windows 11 and Microsoft uses Widgets to replace them.
  • The desktop wallpapers are no longer roamed or synchronized across devices with a Microsoft account.
  • Quick Status is removed from the lock screen, so there will be no little blocks of information when your PC is locked.
  • Users won’t be able to save searches as virtual folders in Windows 11 File Explorer since the Save Search option is deprecated.
  • The Timeline which syncs your activities across multiple Windows computers over the last 30 days will be removed from Task View Windows 11.
  • The tablet mode, a dedicated mode for tablet devices, is deprecated. But the new functionality and capability for keyboard attach and detach postures will be added.

Missing Software & Apps

  • Wallet and Math Input Panel are missing from Windows 11.
  • 3D Viewer, Paint 3D, and OneNote for Windows 10 are not installed in Windows 11 by default.
  • Skype is not installed by default in favor of Microsoft Teams.
  • The Snipping Tool is finally replaced by more advanced Snip & Sketch.
  • Internet Explorer is not available in Windows 11; it is replaced by the IE Mode in Microsoft Edge.

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