Windows 11 has improved its feature – virtual desktop and focuses more on multitasking. How can you use Windows 11 multiple desktops if you have got this new operating system on your PC? MiniTool Software will give you a completed guide and proceed with this post.

Windows 11 has been released to the public for some time, and some of you may have performed a compatibility check and then install this new operating system on your computer to enjoy its brand new UI and some improved features.

When using Windows 11, you may find this new OS focuses more on multitasking. Since Windows 10, the virtual desktop has existed but the functionality is limited. Windows 11 improves the ability to handle multitasking and allows you to create multiple virtual desktops.

Well then, how can you use Windows 11 multiple desktops? A completed guide is for you.

How to Use Multiple Desktops Windows 11

If you need to access multiple windows one time, it makes sense to classify and separate them, for example, you can perform your work on a virtual desktop and play games on another virtual desktop.

You can easily move from one virtual desktop to another, set different backgrounds for multiple desktops, rename the virtual desktop, and more. Now, let’s see some details.

Step-by-Step Guide on Using Windows 10 Multiple Desktops
Step-by-Step Guide on Using Windows 10 Multiple Desktops

How to use the Windows 10 multiple desktops? This post shows the step-by-step guide on using multiple desktops in Windows 10.

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Create Multiple Windows 11 Virtual Desktops

If you hover the cursor over the Task View icon, the currently active desktop called Desktop 1 is displayed. To create a virtual desktop, you should click the + icon next to Desktop 1.

create a new virtual desktop

Tip: By default, the Task View button is added to Taskbar but sometimes it is hidden. In this case, you need to enable this button. Just right-click Windows 11 Taskbar, choose Taskbar settings and then switch the toggle of Task View to On.

Switch Windows 11 Virtual Desktop

If you have multiple desktops, you can switch between them easily.

  • Via Task View: Put the mouse cursor on this Task View button and choose the virtual desktop you want to access.
  • Via keyboard shortcut: Press the Win + Tab keys on the keyboard and select the virtual desktop you want to go to. If you want to use keyboard shortcuts to quickly switch between desktops, press Win + Ctrl + Left (switch to the one on the left) or Win + Ctrl + Right (switch to the one on the right).

Rename Windows 11 Multiple Desktops

You can rename virtual desktops in Windows 11 as per your liking and follow the steps below:

  1. Hover on the Task View icon, right-click on the virtual desktop, and then choose Rename. Type a new name and press Enter.
  2. Or, you can click the name of the virtual desktop, type in a new name, and press Enter.

rename a virtual desktop

You can give different names to your multiple virtual desktops based on your situation, for example, work, fun, home, etc.

Change Backgrounds for Multiple Desktops Windows 11

Windows 11 allows you to set different backgrounds for each virtual desktop and here is what you should do.

  1. Press Win + Tab or click the Task View button, right-click on the target virtual desktop, and click Choose background from the context menu.
  2. In the Windows Settings interface, choose one based on your liking.

Rearrange Windows 11 Virtual Desktops

To rearrange multiple virtual desktops, you can click Taskbar view, click the virtual desktop, hold and drag it to the desired position. Then, release the click and other virtual desktops will be also rearranged accordingly.

That’s all the information about Windows 11 virtual desktop. Just follow the guide to use Windows 11 multiple desktops.

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