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Windows 11 new look

Windows 11 is one of the biggest Microsoft system updates; it brings many improvements, new designs and new features to users; for instance, the new UI, new logo, and modern icons. MiniTool offers this page to introduce some of the new things you can experience in Windows 11. Users interested in the new system should read it with care.

Since Microsoft announced Windows 11 (its latest operating system), people began to cheer and want to get the new system to their computer quickly. A lot of changes are found in Windows 11: feature & performance improvements, new designs, new look, and more. You have mainly 3 choices to experience the new changes in Windows 11 before you can get the official release full version:

Whichever way you choose, you will have a great user experience with the new system. If you're still on the fence about whether to get Windows 11 or not, please read the following content at first; it will discuss the Windows 11 new look, Windows 11 new icons, and more.

Tip: Trying Windows 11 online is a better choice than installing the Windows 11 Insider Preview build in terms of data protection. It’s very possible that you can’t install the Insider Preview version successfully or damage some of your important data during the process. Thus, you should get a powerful recovery tool to regain the lost files when necessary.

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Windows 11 New Look

Before getting hands on installing Windows 11, you need to take a look at the following changes. What’s more important? You have to check whether your CPU or other hardware supports Windows 11.

which cpus support windows 11 thumbnail
How To Check If Your CPU Is Supported By Windows 11 Or Not

Before getting the new system – Microsoft Windows 11, you should figure out whether your CPU can support and run on it.

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Windows 11 New UI (User Interface)

The user interface (UI) is one of the things changed most in Windows 11. Fluent Design is added to the new system to generate a softer and more-rounded theme. After booting into Windows 11, you’ll notice the new look for the desktop and existing windows:

  • Some of the overlapping panels have been simplified.
  • The frosted-glass effect is modified.
  • The Start button is moved and the Start menu is changed.
  • Microsoft adds back the widgets.
  • The new File Explorer window is simplified and the right-click menu is modified.
  • The windows’ right-angle corners have been changed into rounded.
  • The taskbar located in the bottom left corner is now shifted to the middle of the screen.
  • A drop-down palette will appear if you put your mouse over the maximize icon.
  • Microsoft Store also gets a new interface and it offers a broader selection of apps.
  • There will be no more Blue Screen of Death (or BSOD) in Windows 11; it’s changing to Black Screen of Death.
  • Both the Light Mode and Dark Mode are provided with a unified design across the operating system.

The new look of Windows 11 is similar to Apple's iOS and iPadOS operating systems.

Windows 11 centered taskbar

How Do You Get Windows 11 Style Taskbar In Windows 10?

Windows 11 New Icons

Though the Widgets feature is not available in Windows 10, it’s getting back in Windows 11. Users can open Widgets easily by clicking on the icon in the taskbar. These Widgets are designed to offer quick access to news, weather, and other web content.

Microsoft has redesigned some of the images that have been around there since the 1990s to make them look more modern. Please take a look at some of the new icons in the picture below.

Windows 11 new modern icons

Windows 11 New Logo

The logo of Windows 11 has been changed a little bit. The old Windows 10 logo consists of four small oblique squares while the four small squares in the new Windows 11 logo are no longer slant.

Windows 11 new logo

Please click here to know the features & new features in Windows 11 for Enterprise.

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