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Windows 11 forced webcam

Microsoft claims all laptops for Windows 11 require camera, which starts in 2023. That is, you cannot use Windows 11 on a new laptop without a webcam. To know more information about this Windows 11 camera requirement, continue with this post written by MiniTool Solution.

Windows 11 Forced Webcam

Since the release of Windows 11, Microsoft focuses on improving performance and productivity. To run Windows 11 on your PC, the machine must meet some system requirements. To know details, refer to this post - Basic Windows 11 System Requirements for PCs & Laptops. If you don’t know whether your PC is compatible with Windows 11, go to perform a Windows 11 compatibility test.

In addition to these requirements, Microsoft offers another hardware requirement. In a document, this giant gives a Windows 11 camera requirement. At present, the forward and rear-facing webcams are not compulsive but are optional. That is, laptops without a camera can run Windows 11 currently.

But starting from January 1, 2023, all devices except desktop PCs are required to have a forward-facing camera. A rear-facing camera is not required. Without such a webcam on the new laptop, you cannot run this new operating system.

Windows 11 require camera

It is worth noting that conventional desktop PCs don’t need to comply with this hardware requirement. And all-in-one PC manufacturers may not be forced to pack in webcams. Besides, this requirement does not apply to old laptops, for example, the ones that have already been produced. Of course, they should meet other system requirements of Windows 11 so that you can upgrade to this new OS.

The reason why Microsoft does this may be to improve the overall default camera standards on Windows laptops. This is conducive to offering better overall video conferencing services through Microsoft Teams (it is built into Windows 11 now).

With the move that Windows 11 requires camera starting in 2023, Microsoft can more tightly control video conferencing services’overall quality.

Windows 11 Forced Camera Specification

In the document from Microsoft, some camera specifications are also raised – the webcam should have a High-Definition resolution or better and it supports auto-exposure and auto white balance to get a quality image. To get more information about specifications, check the following figure.

Windows 11 camera requirements

Perhaps one of the reasons for Microsoft's sudden interest in the laptop webcam is Windows Hello, your identification system. This is helpful to improve the user experience and device security. Of course, this is all just speculation.

Windows 11 Forced Webcam Settings: How to Enable Camera in Window 11

To use the webcam of a laptop, firstly you should make sure the webcam is opened in Windows. How to enable camera in Windows 11? Follow these steps below.

Step 1: Click the Start icon and choose Settings to open this app.

Step 2: Navigate to Privacy & security on the left side and scroll down to find App permissions.

Step 3: Choose Camera and then change the toggle of this option to On. Then, anyone using this device can have camera access.

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Wrapping up

That’s all the related information about the new Windows 11 camera requirement. Make sure your PC meets the system requirements of Windows 11 offered by Microsoft. Of course, high requirements also mean a high cost of a laptop.

If you have some ideas about the Windows 11 forced webcam, share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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