If you have installed Microsoft’s new operating system – Windows 11 on your PC, you may find Windows 11 looks like macOS. If you are interested in Windows 11 vs macOS, go to this post to look for the similarity summarized by MiniTool.

Windows 11, a new operating system, brings a brand new design and new & improved features. Many Windows 10 users are curious about this system and try to get its Insider Preview build. You may be also a member among them.

Before installing Windows 11, you need to pay attention to two things:
1. Check if your PC can run for Windows 11 and then perform an installation if the machine is compatible with the new system.
2. Make a backup with free backup software like MiniTool ShadowMaker to roll back to the previous version in case of update issues.

After powering on your computer with Windows 11, you can find it looks more like macOS than ever – a streamlined new design, rounded corners, start menu, widgets, and more. To know a lot of information, move to the next part.

Windows Looks Like macOS

Windows 11 vs macOS: Start Menu & Taskbar and Dock

The big change in Windows 11 is the taskbar that uses a centered design. It looks like the Dock in macOS. You can find the Windows Start button from Windows Taskbar. From the menu, you can access settings, apps, etc.

Tip: The Start Menu is on the left of the computer screen. If you don’t like the design, you can move it to the left side by following ways in this post – How to Move Windows 11 Start Menu to the Left Side? (2 Ways).

Like the macOS’ Dock, Windows Taskbar includes a section for your favorite apps and recommended files. And there is a shortcut to File Explorer (like Finder in Mac).

Windows 11 Taskbar

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Windows 11 vs macOS: Round Corners

Another new feature in the design is the rounded corners, just like in macOS and Mac OS X. All the app windows in the new system have rounded corners. Combined with the new animations on app trays, icons, etc., you can have a pleasant experience.

Windows 11 vs macOS: Widgets

In Windows 11 Taskbar, there is a new icon called Widgets. When clicking the icon, you can see the new Widget tray on the left of the screen. This may let you think of Mac’s Widgets and Notifications (on the right side of the screen).

In this section, Microsoft shows you the weather, calendar, news, stocks, etc. This is similar to macOS. Microsoft may offer more widgets although it will create them by relying on third parties.

Windows 11 Widgets

Windows 11 vs macOS: File Explorer and Finder

Windows 11 has an improved File Explorer that looks cleaner and feels easier to use. When launching File Explorer, you can find there is a simplified toolbar with icons for basic operations including copy, paste, cut, create a new folder, share files, etc.

Windows 11 File Explorer

This is similar to the Finder toolbar in macOS. But in general, it just looks better. To get the same level as Finder, Microsoft has a long way to go.

macOS vs Windows 11: Snap Groups

In Windows 11, there is a new feature called Snap Groups that is collections of the apps you are using. If you are working on something that requires multiple programs to open, you can easily access those apps and windows. Although you are interrupted by something like an email, this feature allows you to get back to what you were doing with just a few clicks.

Moreover, like a Mac, this feature works with multiple desktops – easily achieve multi-task on multiple levels.

macOS vs Windows 11: Android & iOS App

Windows 11 allows you to install Android apps and use them on the PC. This seems to be the same as macOS. You know, M1 Macs allows running any iOS app.

Bottom Line

Windows 11 looks like macOS in many aspects. After reading this post, you know much information. If you like the new system, just install it on your PC by following steps in this post – What’s Windows 11 & How to Install Windows 11.

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