From Windows RT or Windows 10 in S Mode, Microsoft has been working hard to make Windows lighter and more efficient for a long time, but it always fails among customers. Now, this company is working on a lightweight version of Windows called Lite OS, targeting Google's Chrome OS.

Microsoft to Release Windows Lite

For more than a year, you must have been hearing about Windows Core OS and how it is a modern version of Windows. And Microsoft continues to build out the platform, now let’s look at some information about this project.

You know, a lighter version of Windows has been around for a while. And Microsoft also tried to release Windows RT and Windows 10 S. However, both of them met a lukewarm reception from consumers after their release.

Even so, that doesn’t seem to have stopped Microsoft. It is reported that this company is working away on another operating system that may not actually be Windows. It is currently called Lite OS, which is first found in the code for Windows 10 build 18282 but the new report from Brad Sams on Petri website has explained this topic much clearly.

To be precise, Windows Lite is Microsoft’s answer to Chrome OS. Namely, this version of the OS is targeting Chromebooks. In fact, there are some hints of the new operating system were apparently found in Windows Insider builds and Microsoft’s SDKs, which can help understand where this OS is headed.

What Is Lite OS

Windows Lite can only be available for preinstallation by laptop makers and it won’t be aimed at enterprises and small businesses. Instead, it will target consumers and students.

Besides, the new OS will only run Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and UWP apps that are downloaded from Microsoft Store but it can strip everything else out.

It is reported that only OEMs will have access to this Lite sytstem and users won’t be able to buy it from Microsoft retail stores. This means as pre-installed software, it can be sold directly to OEMs for them to install on their machines.

This new OS will be entirely based on Windows Core OS. Reportedly, it will be fully different from the regular Windows 10. The user interface will also be quite different from what has been seen before and it may be similar to Core OS, Windows modular version.

The purpose of this new version of Microsoft’s operating system is to make it fairly lightweight, instant-on, always connected and be able to run on any type of CPU.

According to Brad Sams, they haven’t seen something a bit different about Lite OS when attempting at launching this type of software in the past. And it will be Microsoft’s next “big bet” in Windows space with a new name and different UI, uses WCOS.

Final Words

Currently, there is no any word about the firm data on when Windows Lite will launch. Perhaps it will be shared at Microsoft’s Build 2019 developer conference. This will be a wild show. And Microsoft needs new hardware to showcase this new OS and the annual developer conference will make sense.

Besides, Microsoft is to release a new folding Surface in the fall of 2019 which could likely the first device running the new operating system. If you are interested in this Lite OS, please pay attention to the Microsoft website.

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