In the Computex conference held this year, Microsoft leaked some information about the next operating system, AKS modern OS. This new Windows OS may be also called Windows (Windows Lite) or get a totally new name. This new Windows operating system will provide a secure, solid, and better experience to all users.

In the past months, there is a lot of discussion about the Windows Lite operating system. Till now, Microsoft hasn’t confirmed the existence of Windows Lite officially. Yet, during the Computex conference which held in Taipei International Convention Center from 28th May to 1st June, the software giant shared some ideas about the new Windows OS.

new Windows OS

Nick Parker, the corporate vice president of consumer and device sales from Microsoft, said on the stage at Computex that the company has a plan to design the next Windows OS. Though Parker didn’t confirm there will be Windows Lite (the rumored lightweight version), he revealed that Microsoft is indeed preparing for new device types, such as modern PCs (like foldable PC), HoloLens 2, Surface Hub 2X, and the next-generation Xbox.

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New Windows OS Is Preparing

Firstly, what is Windows?

As a matter of fact, Windows refer to a series of collections of programs known as operating systems used to controls a PC (personal computer). The Microsoft Windows OS can be divided into several families, which are designed for different sectors of the computing industry.

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When will the new operating system be ready?

During Computex conference, Nick Parker only introduces some of the capabilities and features of the new Windows operating system. He didn’t mention Windows 10, the look of the Microsoft new OS, or the time when the modern OS will be out. Microsoft update today is only Windows 10 update. Actually, the development of this Windows new OS is started in 2016; it brings Windows back to a modular platform, which is universal across devices.

What’s the advantage of the new modern?

The best thing about the Windows new OS is that it can adapt and change to work on any devices. The modern OS is capable of reusing code, features, and experiences. Besides, it is able to create entire new features and experiences for devices when it is necessary. What’s more, it will run UWP and Win32 programs for you when required.

The new OS is much lighter than Windows 10 since it shakes a lot of the traditional legacy baggage. You can enjoy the good evolution of Windows operating system when it finally comes out.

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What’s Include in Modern OS

  • Multi-sense interaction: except for the keyboard and mouse used currently, there will be many other new-style input methods (pen, voice, touch, and even gaze).
  • Ultimate in form factor agility: the sensor support and posture awareness together promote the breadth of innovative form factors and applications provided by the partner ecosystem.
  • Safe by default: the new modern system is actually different from the traditional operating system; the compute is separated from the applications. In this way, most of the malicious attacks can be blocked.
  • Connected devices: the modern Wi-Fi and LTE 5G are contained in the modern OS. There’s no need for you to worry about the dead spots since all your devices are aware & connected to each other. The Windows future is more convenient.
  • Sustained performance: the device with the modern OS is ready for you to use the moment when you pick up the device. You don’t need to worry whether the device needs to be charged the next time.
  • A set of enablers: the new Windows OS will provide you with a set of enablers to deliver foundational experiences users want to get from their devices with the new OS. The seamless updates are contained in the enablers to ensure updates are done in the background.
  • A set of delighters: the delighters will bring innovative human-centric experiences powered by AI to you. With them, the modern OS will predict what you will do tomorrow and help you to get it done, making apps and devices more intelligent.
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