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WinRAR not showing in right-click menu

If you are running into the issue of WinRAR not showing in right-click menu or 7-Zip context menu not showing after upgrading to Windows 11, what should you do to get rid of the trouble? Don’t worry and you can read this post to find the way that is collected by MiniTool Solution.

Windows 11 brings a brand new UI design and one big change you should pay much attention to is the new context menu. You can find the new right-click menu is different from the one in Windows 10 - missing essential options, including compression shortcuts available in the traditional context menu.

Of course, you can still access all the options in the classic context menu by clicking Show More Options. Or you can change some settings to switch back to the old context menu. To get more information, refer to this post - Guide: How to Switch back to Win10 File Explorer on Windows 11.

If you want to still access the modern right-click menu, you can add more menus to the context menu. If you meet the issue of WinRAR not showing in right-click menu or 7-Zip option not showing up in context menu, you can add WinRAR or 7-Zip to Windows 11 context menu. In the following part, we will focus on this topic.

How to Add Missing WinRAR to Context Menu in Windows 11

WinRAR is a famous archiver tool that can help extract contents from ZIP, RAR, or other archive files. To access WinRAR in Windows 11 context menu, you need to use WinRAR Beta V6.10.

Step 1: Go to this link to download the latest version of WinRAR (Beta V6.10) based on your system architecture.

Step 2: Double-click on this setup file to install it on your PC.

Step 3: You will get a pop-up window to set up integrations with the standard files types it supports. Besides, make sure Integrate WinRAR into shell is selected. After that, click OK to save the setting.

associate WinRAR with types

Now, you can right-click on any file and you can see the WinRAR compression shortcuts in the context menu.

WinRAR is in context menu

If you don’t set up integrations during WinRAR setup, you can add the missing WinRAR to Windows 11 context menu in another way.

Step 1: Launch WinRAR via Windows 11 search.

Step 2: In the application, click Options > Settings.

Step 3: Under the Integrations tab, tick the checkbox of Integrate WinRAR into shell. You can also check the boxes of some file types in Associate WinRAR with.

Step 4: Click OK.

How to Integrate a 7-Zip Fork to Context Menu

If you encounter the issue of 7-Zip right-click menu missing in Windows 11, how can you fix this issue?

When searching for 7-Zip context menu not showing Windows 11 online, you can find some users talked about this topic on forums. Integrating 7-Zip isn’t a simple way in the new system. But you can add NanaZip (a 7-Zip fork) to the new context menu in Windows 11.

Step 1: Download NanaZip via Microsoft Store and install it on your Windows 11 computer.

Step 2: Open the Settings app by pressing Win + I.

Step 3: Go to Apps > Default apps > Choose defaults by file type.

Step 4: Search for zip in the search box. Then, click the result and choose open .zip files from NanaZip. Now, right-click on any file and you can see NanaZip from the context menu.

add NanaZip to context menu Windows 11

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Final Words

Is WinRAR not showing in right-click menu? Is 7-Zip context menu not showing? After reading this post, you can know how to add WinRAR or NanaZip (a 7-Zip fork) to Windows 11 context menu. Hope it can help you.

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