What is $Winre_backup_partition.marker folder? Can I delete the winre_backup_partition marker folder? This post from MiniTool will show you some information about the $winre_backup_partition.marker folder. Besides, you can visit MiniTool to find more Windows tips and solutions.

What Is $Winre_Backup_Partition.Marker?

A lot of Windows 10 users say they find the $winre_backup_partition. marker folder in their root directory after Windows updates. Most of them do not know what the winre_backup_partition marker folder is and want to know whether it gives rise to some risks to the Windows operating system.

So, what is $winre_backup_partition.marker?

The $Winre_backup_partition.marker file is mostly left by the anniversary update for Windows 10 and the file size should be 0 bytes. The WINRE stands for Windows Recovery Environment. In this situation, this Winre_backup_partition.marker file should be related to the recovery backup of Windows 10 to the previous update. Thus, the $winre_backup_partition.marker folder is related to the new updates of Windows 10. However, most users are unable to find the winre_backup_partition marker folder on their system with a fresh installed Windows.

The file also exists on machines that did not fail the update. It has nothing to do with updates, although it may appear after an update following attempts to perform operations on a missing recovery partition.

So, is it safe for your operating system? The file is located in root directory C:\ or sometimes in System Reserved partition, and it is a legit file by Windows update.

Can I Delete the $Winre_Backup_Partition.Marker?

Most users may ask whether it is safe for them to delete the $winre_backup_partition.marker folder.

As we have mentioned in the above part, the $winre_backup_partition.marker is 0 byte and barely contains anything that is important. Remove this file does not give rise to any effect on the Windows startup or update applications. So, it would be safe to delete $winre_backup_partition.marker folder.

Now, we will show you how to delete it.

  1. Just find the $winre_backup_partition.marker file on your hard drive.
  2. Then right-click it and choose Delete to continue.

After that, you have successfully deleted the $winre_backup_partition.marker file from your computer.

To sum up, this post shows what the $winre_backup_partition.marker is and how to delete it from your computer. If there is the $winre_backup_partition.marker file on your computer, it is a legit file related to the Windows update. If you have any different ideas of the $winre_backup_partition.marker file, you can leave a message in the comment zone.

$Winre_Backup_Partition.Marker FAQ

How do I open a marker file?
  1. Double-click it to view it.
  2. Use another program to view it.
  3. Get a clue from the file type.
  4. Contact a developer.
  5. Get a universal file viewer.
What is a marker file?
A marker is a named point with an ASF file. Each marker consists of a name and an associated time, measures as an offset from the start of the file. A program can use markers to assign names to various points within the content, display those names to the users and then seek to the marker positions.
What is $Winre_backup_partition marker?
The $winre_backup_partition.marker file is left by the anniversary update for Windows 10 and the file size is 0 byte. The $winre_backup_partition.marker is safe to the operating system and you can choose to delete it.
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