World Backup Day 2022 is coming and backup data immediately to avoid becoming an April fool. How to backup data or how to protect your data with ease? Try MiniTool ShadowMaker – the professional backup software.  

World Backup Day 2022: Make Backups to Protect Your Data

What Is World Backup Day?

The World Backup Day is on 31 March of each year, and it was created by a group of concerned internet users, posting their thoughts and ideas about data protection to the internet chalkboard Reddit.

The March 31 is chosen as the date for world backup so as to deliver the message that one should back up data, pictures, spreadsheet or all important files, protecting your data and avoiding becoming an April fool. The World Backup Day was created the day before April Fool’s day with the slogan: Don’t Be an April Fool! Backup Your Data.

World Backup Day

What Is Backup?

In information technology, backup, or the process of backing up, refers to make two or more copies of your data and files so as to protect your data. And there are two distinct purposess of backup. The primary purpose of data backup is to recover data after its loss. And the second purpose of backup is to recover data from an earlier time. And if you have backed up the operating system or made a computer backup, it even can help you to restore your computer to an earlier date when some accidents happen.

The Importance of Backup Data

As is well known, data loss can be caused by various reasons. Or data can also be easily corrupted due to the virus attack. So it is important to backup data. Here is some statistic for your reference. In every minute, there are about 113 phones lost or stolen. There are about 29 percent of disasters caused by accidents. There are about one out of ten computers infected by viruses each month. Even worse is that nearly 30 percent of people never backup data according to the official statistic.

From the above statistic, you can see that it is pretty important to backup data and all your important files. And however, do you know how to backup data with ease? Or do you know how to perform data protection?

data backup

How to Backup Data?

As the World Backup Day 2022 is coming, you had better backup data as early as possible so as to avoid being an April fool. Meanwhile, do you know how to protect your data?

In general, there are three ways to backup data so as to provide data protection.

  1. Some of you may choose to always keep at least three complete copies of your data. Of course, it is a way to protect your data. However, if you have a lot of files, this way would be a little unwisely.
  2. Don’t put all your eggs on the same basket. So, some of you may choose to save your files to two or more different locations, such as saving to external hard drive, USB flash drive, servers, or other locations.
  3. Store at least one copy of your backup somewhere else. In this way, even in the event of an accident in your location, a backup copy of your data is safe elsewhere.

If you want to backup data, you may still lack a powerful tool. For example, if you have plenty of files and you choose to copy them to two or more locations, it would be time-consuming and unwisely. Thus, the professional backup software will be a good helper. Here, the professional backup software – MiniTool ShadowMaker is strongly recommended.

MiniTool ShadowMaker can help you to backup data with ease, just needing a few steps. And it can also help you to backup data and files to different locations so as to avoid data loss. And more surprisingly, it even can help you to perform computer backup or backup data when the computer can't boot. You may be interested in this post: How to Backup Files on Windows 10? Try These Top 4 Ways.

Besides these features, MiniTool ShadowMaker also enables you to sync files to two or more locations to protect your data since it is also a piece of file sync software.

So, just get MiniTool ShadowMaker to backup data. And as the World Backup Day 2022 is coming, MiniTool is celebrating this day by offering MiniTool ShadowMaker software giveaway as well as big sales. Open this page, go to the Store section, you can see the giveaway promotion activity on the right side of this page. Don’t be an April fool. Backup your data now! 

Final Words

World Backup Day 2022 is coming. Please backup all your data from now on. To avoid being an April fool, try MiniTool ShadowMaker as soon as possible.

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