Xbox is one of the most frequently used apps in daily life, while it may not download or install at times. What could you do? This guide on MiniTool Website will help you to get rid of this problem. Hope you enjoy it!

Xbox App Not Downloading or Installing

Xbox app enables you to play with other Xbox players, accumulate scoreboards, share your social life and so on. However, it is very annoying if you cannot download or install it on Windows 10/11 because you can’t play with your friends. Don’t be vexed! Every problem has a solution.

How to Fix Xbox App Not Downloading or Installing on Windows 10/11?

If Windows 10/11 Xbox app not downloading games occurs, you can try the following fixes to help you get out of trouble!

Fix 1: Reboot Your Computer

If Xbox app not working on a PC appears, the first option that comes to your mind should be to reboot your PC.

Step 1. Close all the programs and software.

Step 2. Click on Power and choose Shut down.

Step 3. After the power is off, wait for several minutes and restart the computer.

Step 4. Try to download Xbox again to check if Xbox download stuck still exists. If it is, try the next fixes.

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Fix 2: Do an SFC Scan

If the Xbox app not working on PC still persists, make sure that the system file checker tool helps to find and repair the corrupted system files for you.

Step 1. Type cmd beside the magnifier icon to show Command Prompt.

Step 2. Right-click it to choose Run as administrator.

Step 3. Type sfc /scannow in the black command window and press Enter.

execute SFC command

Step 4. After the process finishes, reboot your computer.

Fix 3: Run the Troubleshooter

You can also fix Xbox app not downloading or installing with the troubleshooter function.

Step 1. Open Update & Security in Settings and click Troubleshoot.

Step 2. At the bottom of this page, click Additional troubleshooters.

Step 3. Scroll down to find Windows Store Apps and tap on it.

Step 4. Click Run the troubleshooter.

click run the troubleshooter

Step 5. Follow the instructions that appear.

Fix 4: Purge Microsoft Store Cache Data

Plenty of apps like Xbox rely on the normal operation of Microsoft Store. Accordingly, it is crucial to keep it running properly. You can resolve Xbox app not downloading or installing by following the steps below:

Step 1. Press Win + R at the same time to launch the Run box.

Step 2. Paste wsreset.exe in the box and hit Enter.

execute reset windows cache

Step 3. After completing this progress successfully, reboot your computer to check if Xbox Installation and Download process still keep loading all the time.

Fix 5: Reset Xbox App Package

To fix Xbox app not downloading or installing, you can also reset Xbox Package on your computer.

Step 1. Type Powershell in the search box to run Windows PowerShell.

Step 2. Copy and paste the following command in the popping-up windows and press Enter.

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}

execute reset Xbox package progress

Step 3. The process will cost a few minutes, please wait patiently. Try running Xbox again to see whether Xbox app not installing games appears or not.

Fix 6: Examine Windows Updates

An outdated Windows version will influence a lot on the performance of any software thus you are supposed to update in time.

Step 1. Open Settings and choose Update & Security.

Step 2. In this interface, click Windows Update.

Step 3. Click Check for updates to see if you need to install a newer Windows.

click check for updates

Step 4. If it finds a newer version for you, click Install now and the system will download and install it for you.

Step 5. Restart your computer to see whether Xbox app not downloading or installing is fixed or not.

Tip: There is an article that mainly introduces you to how to check, update, download and install the latest Windows version – Update Windows 11/10 to Download & Install Latest Updates

Fix 7: Use License Service Script

Step 1. Create a new notepad.

Step 2. Copy and paste the next text in it.

echo offnet stop clipsvcif “%1″==”” ( echo ==== BACKING UP LOCAL LICENSES move %windir%serviceprofileslocalserviceappdatalocalmicrosoftclipsvctokens.dat %windir%serviceprofileslocalserviceappdatalocalmicrosoftclipsvctokens.bak )if “%1″==”recover” ( echo ==== RECOVERING LICENSES FROM BACKUP copy %windir%serviceprofileslocalserviceappdatalocalmicrosoftclipsvctokens.bak %windir%serviceprofileslocalserviceappdatalocalmicrosoftclipsvctokens.dat )net start clipsvc

Step 3. Save the text file as licence.bat.

Step 4. Open Command Prompt as an administrator.

Step 5. This script will uninstall Xbox, so download it in the Microsoft Store.

Tip: We didn’t test if the script works with the full version of Windows 10 and Xbox, but it is worthy to have a shot.
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