Decide to upgrade your Xbox One storage by using an external hard drive? Which one is the best Xbox One external hard drive: SSD or HDD? This is depending on your actual needs. Read this post to learn much information about SSD VS HDD for Xbox One storage.

It’s Necessary to Upgrade Xbox One Storage

As is well known, Xbox One is a line of eighth generation home video game consoles developed by Microsoft, which comes with 500GB storage as standard.

When first getting your console, you may think 500GB seems like plenty. But with a number of games are installed, that 500GB hard drive will soon fill up. Besides, it is disgusting to delete games to make space for new ones, especially when games for a big size take a long time to download over a standard Wi-Fi connection.

Therefore, you may choose to upgrade your Xbox One storage capacity. To do this work, an external hard drive is the best choice. With the console’s internal hard drive built-in firmly, it supports for external USB 3.0 drives, which makes for an easy plug-and-play solution.

Well then, SSD VS HDD: which one should be used for Xbox One external hard drive? Keep reading to get the answer.

HDD VS SSD, Which One to Use?

What’s Difference between HDD and SSD

For hard disk drives (HDDs), they are traditional storage solutions and commonly present in entry-level PCs, game consoles and other low-cost devices. Data is saved on a spinning disk inside and its transfer speeds are determined by the revolutions per minute.

As to solid-state drives (SSDs), they are rapidly becoming the preferred alternative with its superior technology. Since they don’t have moving parts, SSDs can offer improved performance and faster boot times although the price is significantly higher. Besides, they generally have fewer hardware issues and run quieter.

Even so, HDDs are still appealing to most Xbox One users since they are at a lower price than SSDs. What’s more, these hard drives also commonly offer you choices for higher capacities, including 4TB, 8TB, even 16TB.

Should You Buy an HDD or SSD?

For most Xbox One customers, an HDD offers excellent cost performance and makes storage beyond the base configuration. Although you miss the benefits of faster drives, you still get strong performance and more space for games.

But if you have the highest requirements for the console, you can choose an SSD since it offers you fast speed and you can experience reduced load times across all games.

SSD VS HDD: What's Difference? Which One Should You Use in PC?
SSD VS HDD: What's Difference? Which One Should You Use in PC?

What’s the difference between solid-state drive and hard drive? Which one to use for your PC? Read this post to learn more on SSD VS HDD now.

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Choose a Proper External Hard Drive for Xbox One

If you want to expand your Xbox One storage for cheap, there are a range of Xbox-compatible HDDs available. For example, Toshiba 1TB Canvio Basics drive or WD 2TB Elements portable external hard drive. For an SSD, you can choose Samsung T5 Portable SSD or Seagate Game Drive Xbox SSD.  

After choosing an external drive, you can plug it to your Xbox One into the USB 3.0 port, then you will get a message to tell you the drive has been connected. To store games on it, you need to format this external hard drive. Later, you can enjoy the new drive.

Final Words

In this post, we show you some information about Xbox One external hard drive. HDD VS SSD, you know HDD is cheaper, offers good load times and larger capacities available but isn’t as fast as SSD and it is more fragile. SSD offers faster load times and is quiet but expensive. Thus, please choose a proper external hard drive based on your actual needs.

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