This article provided by MiniTool brand offers 9 main Xfinity WiFi connected but no Internet access solutions and some tips to you. Just read the below content to find the method that suits you, no matter which operating system (OS) you are on, Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Mac, Ubuntu, Android, or iOS.

Are you suffering from the “Xfinity WiFi connected but no Internet access” problem? Are you informed with “connected, but no Internet” message when you are using your computer, laptop (e.g. Lenovo and Toshiba), mobile phone, iPhone, iPad, tablet, MacBook, etc.?

If so, do you know how to solve Xfinity Wifi not working problem? If you haven’t yet got your issue solved, just read the below content and it will help you deal with your problem.

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Before start, you are recommended to determine the real cause of the problem, the modem or the router. Disconnect your router from the network. Connect just one computer directly to your modem via Ethernet (hardwired) and power cycle the modem. If the problem still exists, it probably is the modem or signal issues. If your problem is corrected, then focus on router or Wi-Fi issues.

Tip: Remember to power-cycle your modem every time you connect a new device to it.

Solution 1. Restart Gateway

The most common method to fix the “no Internet access” issue is to restart the gateway. Just power off/unplug your gateway, wait for several minutes or so, and power on/re-plug the gateway again to see whether you can connect to your Internet or not.

Or, you can just reset your gateway to factory specs to try to handle the problem. If you still can’t access the Internet, go to the next solution.

Solution 2. Reset Modem

The second way to fix the “wifi showing connected but no internet access” issue is to reset your modem to factory defaults. For modem factory reset, just unplug and re-plug it. Or you can do it via your Xfinity App.

Step 1. Open your Xfinity My Account App.

Step 2. Scroll down to select the Internet option.

Step 3. Choose Modem/Router.

Step 4. Finally, click Restart This Device.

After resetting, check the device(s) that cannot connect to the network before seeing the result. If the device(s) is(are) able to surf the Internet, you have successfully solved the problem. If not, continue with the below fixes.

Solution 3. Replace Your Router

If you can normally connect to the network without a router, it means that the problem is caused by your router. Then, try to fix it or just replace the old router with a new one.

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Solution 4. Disable Security Software

Sometimes, your antivirus programs may interrupt and block your network connection. Therefore, if you can’t connect to the Internet, you can try to disable or turn off the security applications on the devices that have no Internet access. Then, check to see whether your internet connection is recovered or not.

Solution 5. Clear Cache

There is also a chance that a large amount of cache on your machine preventing you from connecting to your Internet. If this is the case, clear your cache files will solve the “wifi no internet access but connected” problem.

Solution 6. Check Hardware Connection

Sometimes, a seemly “serious” problem isn’t caused by complex reasons. After struggling among nearly all advanced fixes without success, you may get your issue fixed by a simple action. Here for on network connection problem, it may simply due to the unstable connection of the wire/cables.

Therefore, just check for all your internet-related cables, fasteners, F connectors, splitters, coax, etc. to confirm that there is no problem with the hardwired.

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Solution 7. Run a Traceroute Test

Sometimes, it’s useful to carry out a trace if you are having difficulty with a specific destination or service.

For Windows 7 and Upper

Step 1. Open CMD.

Step 2. Input tracert and press Enter.

Comcast Traceroute Test

Step 3. When it completes, you’ll see a trace complete message. Right-click, mark, drag over the text, copy by hitting Enter.

Step 4. Hit Enter again to paste the trace results into a post and continue asking for help from others.

For OS X

Step 1. Go to Applications > Utilities > Network Utility and choose the Traceroute tab.

Step 2. Enter an address like and start the trace.

Step 3. When it finishes, copy and paste the results into your post for further help.

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Solution 8. Run a Ping Test

Also, you can run a ping test to help you solve the Internet accessing problem.

For Windows 7 or Later

Step 1. Launch the command prompt.

Step 2. Type ping -t and press Enter.

Step 3. Let the output run for around one minute and stop it by pressing “Ctrl + C”.

Step 4. In the output, check to see how often a Request timed out message appears and the time=XXms part of each reply is as low as possible, below 100ms under ideal circumstances.

Step 5. Right-click mark, drag over the text, copy by hitting Enter, and then hit Enter to paste the ping result into your post for further help.

For Mac OS X

Step 1. Open Applications > Utilities > Network Utility and select the Ping tab.

Step 2. Enter an address like, set the number of pings for about 100, and start the ping.

Step 3. When it finishes, copy and paste the results into your post for further help.

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Solution 9. Reset Your Entire Network

You can also try to reset your whole network in your device settings. Let’s take Windows 10/11 computers for example. Navigate to Settings > Network & Internet > Status > Network reset and follow the on-screen instructions.

Reset Windows 10 Network

If you want to figure out “why does my WiFi says connected but no internet access”, you can choose Network troubleshooter in the Status section.

There are many other methods that worth trying, but I won’t list them all here, such as check whether your Xfinity account is up-to-date or not and check whether your IP address is correct or not.

All in all, you will probably find at least one of the above solutions that can fix your issues. If unluckily, none of the above solutions fix the Xfinity WiFi connected without Internet access problems, you can troubleshoot your Xfinity network or check for your local Comcast outages to see whether your Internet Service Provider is done or not. If there is an outage in your area, there is nothing you can do but just wait for the network to come back.

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