What Is the XVO File and How to Open It on Your Devices?

What is the XVO file? How to open it on your devices? How to convert the XVO file to other file formats? This post from MiniTool provides answers for you. Now, keep on your reading to get more details.

What Is XVO File

When you browse the different files saved on the computer, maybe you will come across some files with the XVO file extension. Files with XVO file extension are RatDVD internal video files used by RatDVD DVD ripping software.

There are many different files on your computer with the XVO file extension, some of which are XML, IFO, and VSI. All the files contained in the AV_TS folder can be recognized as XVO files when ZIP is compressed into a format recognized by the RatDVD software.

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How to Open XVO File

How to open the XVO file? XVO files themselves will not actually be opened in the RatDVD program unless they exist in the .RatDVD file format.

To use the XVO file in RatDVD, you must use ZIP compression to compress the AV_TS folder (the folder containing XVO and other files) and the Version.XML file (the XML file should exist outside the AV_TS folder) and then rename .xml file. ZIP file to .RatDVD file.

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How to Convert XVO File to Other File Formats

Although an XVO file is a video file, it cannot be converted by most free file converters because it only partially extracts the .RATDVD file. There is no real need to convert XVO files to other files.

You can use the method we mentioned above to convert the file to the .RATDVD file format. After converting the file to .RATDVD format, you can use ratDVD software to convert your .RATDVD file to DVD format.

After using ratDVD software for free, you can easily convert the generated VOB files into file formats you are familiar with, such as ISO, MP4, MKV and other file formats.

Following the instructions given above, you can easily convert and open XVO files. But if you cannot open the file, it means that the file has nothing to do with ratDVD. Maybe you accidentally misread the file extension, we suggest you check it again and then try to open the file using the method we gave above.

Final Words

What is the XVO file? How to open it on your devices? How to convert the XVO file to other file formats? Now, you should find the answers in this post.