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MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition is a magic partition manager which is developed aiming at Windows Server and Windows PC. It owns all-sided functions and helps maximize the storage space usage and minimize server downtime, keeping all servers running at great performance. With an intuitive interface, anyone, even non-technical users, can manage server disks and partitions with ease.

What's New in Version 12.3?

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  • Portuguese added.
  • Recover data from Desktop, Recycle Bin, and a specified folder.
  • Fully support exFAT partitions in Data Recovery.
partition management

Disk Partition Management

Create / resize / move / merge / split / format / delete / wipe / hide partitions to better configure disk storage space.

disk partition conversion

Disk Partition Conversion

Make conversion between MBR and GPT, Primary and Logical. Help convert FAT to NTFS.

check disk partition

Check Disk Partition

Check & fix file system errors, explore bad sectors, analyze disk space usage and measure disk read-write speed.

check disk partition

Partition/Data Recovery

Deep scan hard drives to find lost partitions & recover data from specific locations and FAT/NTFS/exFAT drives.

Highlighted Features

Manage RAID Disk

Have RAID arrays to increase the performance and reliability of data storage? Need to manage RAID disk? This tool is useful.

Copy Disk /Migrate OS

Low disk space warning? Computer is running slow? Copy Disk to larger drive for disk upgrade or Migrate OS to SSD to speed up Windows Server.

Extend System Partition without Reboot

Your computer is running on low disk space? Partition bar gets red? This tool helps easily and safely extend system partition without server reboot.

Create Bootable Media

Missing operating system? Windows stuck at loading screen? Now create a bootable media to fix the unbootable computer with ease.

Change Cluster Size

Can't extend Server volume? With the default 4K cluster size, an NTFS volume is limited to 16TB. Partition Wizard helps changing cluster size without formatting to extend volume beyond 16TB.

Partition/Data Recovery

(Get Server Lifetime Upgrade and above editions to recover lost data)

Quickly recover lost partitions by scanning the whole disk or unallocated space. Deep scan a specific location, volume, or hard drive to recover files from lost/deleted/damaged FAT/NTFS/exFAT partitions.

Popular Features

rebuild mbr

Move/Resize Partition

Enlarge a small partition to save more data or shrink a large partition to allocate some free space. Also help move partition location.

merge partition

Merge partition

Merge two adjacent NTFS partitions into a bigger one without damaging data in either partition.

format partition

Format partition

Format partition to FAT, exFAT, NTFS, Ext2/3/4, Linux Swap so as to use the drive in different platforms.

Disk Benchmark

Disk Benchmark

Measures the transfer (read & write) speed under various disk access scenarios and shows users the disk speed performance with graphic.

Space Analyzer

Space Analyzer

See how the drive is being used on computer. Check which file is taking up too much disk space when you need to free up disk space.

ssd 4k alignment

SSD 4K Alignment

Make sure all partitions on SSD are correctly aligned to speed up entire SSD and optimize PC performance.

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If there is more than 1 server in your company, we recommend purchasing MiniTool Partition Wizard Enterprise since it can be used in 99 servers and PCs within one company.

Partition Wizard Server

  • 1 license for 1 server
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Partition Wizard Enterprise

  • 1 license for 99 computers in 1 company
  • Support Data Recovery
  • Support Partition Recovery
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