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MiniTool OEM Partner

MiniTool OEM partners are hardware / software vendors or relative technical service providers who embed MiniTool technologies with their products to add value to their products and expand their market.

To create competitive all-in-one solution to fulfill the end users' need, the MiniTool OEM program is open for all those technology corporations, who would like to incorporated MiniTool software into such as:

  • Computer pre-install and hardware bundles
  • Bundled software and services
  • IT consulting service integration
  • Anti-virus and security suites
  • White label or rebrand products
  • ......
MiniTool OEM Partner

Popular Project Types

Bundled with Hardware

Manufacturers of hardware products (such as digital cameras, mobile devices, desktop computers, servers and so on) could offer your customers an improved solution and increase your margins by integrating MiniTool technologies and delivering the combined bundle. MiniTool could also offer a customized edition to fully aligned with your own company’s style and brand identity.

Bundled with Software

Independent software vendors or system builder can easily integrate a MiniTool product into their existing product portfolio. The expanded program will create a higher value product, generate significant additional revenue and minimize the threat from competitors.

Included in Service Providing

MiniTool offers a range of products which enable technology management service providers to attract more customers by delivering the system and data protection services customers are demanding.

Why Become a MiniTool OEM Partner?

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Dedicated support

Our professional partner support team offers you the advices and services to successfully integrate our technologies to ensure customer satisfaction.

Excellent performance

MiniTool has received numerous awards for excellent product performance, first-level service and totally adware-free, which is a great advantage over our competitors.


Completely tailored to the needs of corporate customers. MiniTool has won the trust of 10 million business users in over 120 countries.

Best-selling Software Products


MiniTool® Partition Wizard

All-in-one professional partition manager software for Windows PCs and Laptops.

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MiniTool® Power Data Recovery

Best data recovery software for Windows PC and Server. Recover any lost files from laptop, HDD, SSD, USB drive, memory card and more.

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MiniTool® ShadowMaker

Professional backup tool to provide data protection services and disaster recovery solutions for PCs, Servers and Workstations.

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Interested in MiniTool OEM Program?

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