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Digital image recovery

What should users do after digital images in computer have been deleted by accident? What measures should users take to complete accidentally deleted digital image recovery? In general, a useful photo recovery tool is necessary if users need to recover lost images.

In today's network age, nearly all kinds of tools can be obtained through network. Therefore, if users want to get a useful photo recovery tool for lost image recovery, they can also download it from the internet. However, there are a lot of inferior tools on the internet. Once users download an inferior photo recovery tool unfortunately to recover lost images from computer, they may cause image overwriting, let alone complete digital image recovery. If the images have been overwritten, digital image recovery becomes almost impossible to finish. As a result, users have to be very careful when choosing photo recovery tool.

Excellent Photo Recovery Tool for Digital Image Recovery

Here, we'd like to recommend an excellent image recovery tool for users to recover lost images. Using this tool, users are able to complete lost image recovery easily. The name of this tool is MiniTool Photo Recovery.

Download Digital Image Recovery Tool

How can users get this tool? In fact, they only need to visit the download page to download MiniTool Photo Recovery conveniently. After that, users should finish the installation process. However, users shouldn't install this tool to the partition where lost images were in order to ensure the effect of lost image recovery.

How to Recover Lost Images

It takes only four steps to complete lost image recovery by using MiniTool Photo Recovery. First of all, users should run it to see the main interface:


Step one: click "Start" button in the bottom right corner to enter the next interface:


Step two: select the partition where lost images were and click "Scan" button to scan it completely.


Step three: users will see a lot of digital images in above interface at the end of scanning. At this time, they only need to check all images that need to be recovered, and then click "Save" button to see the following dialogue box:


Step four: users need to save checked digital images to an available partition or storage device under the guidance of prompts in dialogue box. Till now, all operations of digital image recovery have been finished completely.

After reading above steps, users must have mastered the method of digital image recovery by using this tool. If users also want to recover lost images from computer effectively, please download MiniTool Photo Recovery without hesitation. The powerful functions will never let users down.