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Free digital photo recovery

How to perform free digital photo recovery is a hotspot people are usually talking about since the digital camera came into being. In 1981, Sony Corp invented the world's first electronic still camera without photosensitive film – static video camera "Mavica", which is widely regarded as the prototype of modern digital cameras, and then the digital camera was becoming the focus many camera manufactories pay attention to. Since then, the digital camera was also beginning to enter people's sight and known to the general public. And up to now, it has become the pronoun of fashion, proving to be one of the most fashionable factors people focus on.

With the growing popularity of digital cameras, storing digital photos also gradually became an important issue users concern about. However, photo loss may take place sometimes due to mistaken operations, computer viruses or other reasons. If we lose significant photos accidently because of these reasons, what shall we do then?

Right now we need to turn to digital photo recovery software to perform free digital photo recovery, and here we will recommend the photo recovery tool – MiniTool Photo Recovery, which will provide free digital photo recovery service.

As an excellent photo recovery program in the industry currently, MiniTool Photo Recovery owns a splendid photo recovery effect and simple operation. Users can access the official website of MiniTool Photo Recovery to download the software. But how can we recur to MiniTool Photo Recovery to recover digital photos after installation? The following content will demonstrate the exact operating procedure briefly to restore digital photos with this free digital photo recovery software.

Employ MiniTool Photo Recovery to Recover Digital Photos:

Download and install MiniTool Photo Recovery at first, connect the camera to the computer, and then launch the software to come to the following compact operating interface:


We can see MiniTool Photo Recovery supports free digital photo recovery on multiple storage media, including digital camera, memory card, U disk and hard disk. Click "Start" to help recover digital photos, and we will see the interface as follows.


Select the target partition where photo loss happened, and then click "Scan" to scan the data on the partition. When scanning is over, the "Scan Results" window will come out.


Locate the needed photos in the file list (The function "Filter" is provided to seek for needed photos quickly through photo format, size or filename), then check them, and click "Save". Consequently we will see the interface below.


Finally, we are required to click button "Browse…" to specify a safe storage path to save recovered photos. Click "OK" and wait for the accomplishment of the saving operation. This is the whole process to recover digital photos.

It can be seen from the above figures that performing free digital photo recovery by means of MiniTool Photo Recovery is simple enough to access. If users lose important photos, resorting to MiniTool Photo Recovery will be a good choice. Welcome to the official website of the photo recovery software to get more details.